Frustrated with enquires

I feel a bit frustrated with some of the jobs that get posted online and the people that can contact us. I just had a message from someone asking me to write their UCAS form for them… plagiarism, surely? I’ve also seen posts asking for free tuition! Tutors get vetoed, so why can’t students/parents? I’m so deflated by the contacting system, I’m considering turning myself offline again even though I have slots to fill!

Anyone else feel this way?

Its a crazy world out there and its very easy to forget how irrational it all can be, perhaps in contrast we should remind ourselves how lucky we are to control our own lives and employment to a fair degree. You have hit on one important point which is that you can go offline for a week focus on your existing students just refresh and recharge - assuming you can afford to do this its not a bad idea . Paul history tutor

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Hi Katy, yes I wholeheartedly agree with you. There is so much spam; throughout exam season I am constantly declining and reporting requests to complete work and exams and then having to justify my report via email. I’ve also been having a very frustrating time with Tutorful recently and have today learned of two safeguarding failures so I’ll be transitioning away from this platform and won’t be putting my profile back online. Fortunately I’m now fully booked so have no need to take on anymore regular students. Very disappointing all the same.

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Hey Celeste, sorry to hear you’re leaving. I’d really appreciate you telling me what safeguarding failures you’ve encountered though, as I’m sure a lot of us other tutors would! I want to keep my students on here as safe as possible.

Agree Katy

I’ve had many enquiries over the past couple of days and some were just messing about not really interested in having a tutor at all!

I’ve had a few weekends slots to fill which is always difficult and I’ve had to reduce my price on here to have any enquiries at all.
I am offline again now though as I’m full up again.