Free video chats

My first free video chat - the first student could not find it on the site. So it was a waste of time. How do I turn off the free video chats?

Hi Go to your teachers page and click settings.There you should see free video chats settings. To stop offering them, tap off button.
Hope this helps.

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What do you mean by your teachers page!

Thanks Teach, all done now

So glad it worked, Tony :blush:

Sorry to hear it didn’t work out @Tony
I have been offering free video chats for a while but not actually had one booked yet.

Has anyone had experience with them? Did they work and did you / student find them useful?

Hi…Yes it was fine. I got a sense of who they were and what they were like. They decided not to have their video turned (I had mine on). Not sure what is normal as I only video with people I know from face to face tuition.

I have used the video chat a couple of times, it seems to work fine for me. So long as someone can use the classroom there shouldn’t be any issue with the calls, from what I understand there’s no technical difference besides length. I’ve never tried to request a session from a tutor though of course, so can’t comment on how easy/difficult it is to find.

I think a lot of people prefer to go straight to sessions so I don’t usually use it, but it’s very useful for those few who do want to chat before getting started. Before this was implemented the closest thing was a trial.

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I’m having a few problems with the normal classroom at the moment. If two lessons are close together like they were today. One two hour finished at 12.00 and the next started at 12:15. No lesson stripe appeared and no lesson button appeared as it usually does. Luckily I do most my lessons on Zoom anyway. However this is scary. If it was a new lesson both of our time would of been wasted.

Another issue is that most clients are confused about what to ask during a video chat. Some book several chats. Fair enough, but my time is being volunteered for free here. Maybe give the option of four video chats but tutors deserve being paid for the time they work.

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I’ve had the same problem of the subsequent/previous lesson being shown on the green banner, just in case it ever is a problem for you then you can access the lesson directly from the lessons tab.

As for multiple chats, personally I only offer one at most but maybe that could vary between subjects and tutoring styles.

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I tried the lessons tab, there was no button to access the lesson.

Hi @Tony,

Thanks for your feedback on our ‘Free Video Chat’ feature. I’m sorry to hear you haven’t had a good experience with it. As Dylan mentioned above, the set up is the same as normal lessons as the chat is booked in our online classroom. Students can join the chat in the same way as they would a normal lesson (by going into their upcoming lessons and using the ‘Join’ button or using the banner on the site before the lesson is due to begin). As shown here in this FAQ. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s worth noting that the same equipment and set up advice applies for Free Video Chats as a normal online lesson. The lesson cannot be accessed through the app and students/tutors are advised to use a laptop/PC with Google Chrome or Firefox as preferred browser choices. Find more information on this here. If you do experience any issues, I would always suggest emailing or calling our support team as they will be able to help and advise quickly and do their best so that your lesson can go ahead with minimal disruption.

Since launching our Free Video Chat feature, we have found that students are significantly more likely to go on and have lessons after a free video chat when comparing this to students who only message with a tutor.

A lot of the time, students requesting a free chat may be having their first experience of meeting a private tutor and looking at getting tuition so they will more than likely expect tutors to lead the chat. With this in mind, we have put together a guide ‘What should I do during my free video chat?’ which you may find helpful.

A banner should appear before your lesson and failing that you can always access the lessons through your upcoming lessons as Dylan has suggested. The only reason I can think that this wouldn’t be available is if the lesson wasn’t booked as an online lesson in our classroom.

I hope that this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the reply Rachel. Neither the banner appeared or the button on the upcoming lessons appeared in this case.

No problem at all Tony, glad to help! :slightly_smiling_face:

Was the lesson booked to take place in our online classroom? You can check this by going to your completed lessons and checking the location. The reason I ask is if lessons are booked as in person or the location selected is ‘other’ then a place won’t be created in the classroom and you won’t get the ‘Join lesson’ option at the time of the session.

Yes that was the problem. I had mistakenly booked it to occur at the clients house which was 270 miles away :slight_smile: My apologies for impugning the integrity of the tutorful system. It worked as advertised and it was my usage.


Hi Rosie

I’ve had a couple one booked the other tonight was awful because of technical issues again. She questioned if it was like this all the time with Tutorful I said no but I’m not sure I convinced her.

The lady confessed to be interviewing 3 tutors! I felt like I was being interviewed it makes me feel incredibly uncomfortable and not the way I like to work at all.

Anyway she was very impressed with my experience and what I can do for her so we will see if she goes ahead.

Thank you for getting back to me @Tony and for checking that out. There’s no need to apologise at all, I’m really pleased that we were able to work out what had happened. :slight_smile: Always happy to help if there’s anything that you need and it’s great to have you involved in our Community discussions. :relaxed:

Thanks everyone, really interesting to hear your experiences … I wonder if setting a time limit beforehand (and communicating this to parents and students) might help? Or / and sending some suggested questions / topics may help structure the session and manage expectations?

P.s. I hope that session worked out for you @Kitty ! :smiley:

Great to hear the mixed views on free video chats - something I have avoided at the moment. However, what would be good to hear is whether if you have a video chat with a parent and then they choose another Tutor will this result in your booking score being affected?
At the moment we still have issues with students asking for times that are not listed on your dashboard and then your booking score is affected (although I understood that the availability being up-to-date would eradicate this in the algorithm).
Many thanks for reading - this is my first char,.