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Free video chats, why they benefit both tutors and students!

Hey guys,

As you know Tutorful has now released an exciting feature for tutors to be able to offer free 15 min video chats ahead of committing to full lessons.

Have you added it to your profile yet? - Here’s why we think you should!

Students love it :heart:

Within my role in the company, I spend a lot of time speaking with students and exploring their needs as I help recommend their ideal tutors. Time and time again they ask for the opportunity to speak with a tutor, students just want to see if they click together and can find that connection to help them get the best from their lessons. They tell me how important it is to be able to discuss their needs and get the feel for the online classroom environment.

Tutors benefit from it :mortar_board:

How frustrating is it when you secure that first booking with a new student, only to go Into your first lesson to find out that you can’t help? The free video chat will give you the perfect opportunity to ask those questions, build that relationship and really show yourself to be the right tutor for the job.

Easy for all to use :slightly_smiling_face:

Tutors can book these easily from within their messages with students and students can request these easily from our tutor’s profiles, why not give them a go and see what a difference they can make to your experience on Tutorful?

If you’d like further information before making the change, give our office a call or see the links below for further information.

Call us: 0114 383 0989

If you’re a tutor, click here

If you’re a student, click here


I’m sure it probably works great for many, but I’ve found that in the past, if I do any kind of initial meeting for free, the student and parents tend to value my time less. There are more no shows, lateness, last minute rescheduling and more time taken after the lesson for various reasons. It might just be coincidence, but I hesitate to offer it on my profile.
I also just generally prefer to get most of the information about the student in the messages, as I can refer back to it when needed, which I find really useful.