Free video chats - has the policy been changed?

I thought that free video chats was going to be changed so that if they fail to lead to more lessons, they would impact the repeat booking score - not the repeat client score.

There was a whole thread of discussion where that seemed to be confirmed:

However now it looks like free video chats which fail to lead to more bookings impact your repeat client score? That’s what I’ve heard from tutorful after emailing them.

I’m wondering whether it was ever changed to impact booking score, and whether if so it was then changed back and I just missed the anouncement about that? We went through a whole discussion about this on the thread above that I linked which seemed to go in the direction of tutorful policy turning towards changing it to impacting booking rather than repeat score, so I’m confused about the situation.

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As far as I am aware, the policy has never changed. The free video chats have always (perversely) affected the repeat client score rather than the booking score.

Well that’s awkward. I started offering them because the impression I got from that thread was that the policy was changing.

My experience with free video chats has shown me that they are less likely than first lessons at leading to repeat clients. Therefore, given the importance of repeat client score for the search ranking, I have to conclude that it’s not in my interest to offer them.

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I completely agree, I have found that offering free chats has negatively impacted my repeat client score much more than it has brought me new students. I no longer offer free video chats I offer short trial lessons instead.

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That’s interesting, I never usually offer them but did one as a one off and the student booked but then cancelled, and it’s the first time I haven’t had a repeated client. Usually I just do a discounted first lesson.