Free video chat

Is anybody else getting requests for free video chats when it isn’t on their profile?
I have had a few requests, and it’s something I just don’t like doing. I don’t like giving my time away for free. I’ve found that offering it encourages parents to want regular phone calls and video updates, which isn’t something I like to offer (my feedback is very detailed and I use email and messaging because it’s something I can look back over if needed).
Is it something available to everyone to request to any tutor, or have I missed something on my profile that is advertising me as offering it?

It’s probably inevitable that parents would have an expectation for free video chats once they understand from experience with tutors who do offer it that it is a possibility.

I thought, when it was introduced, it was a case of putting it on your profile if you wanted to offer it? I guess I assumed that meant if you didn’t want to offer it, it wouldn’t be an option when messaging that specific tutor? (I may be showing my ignorance about how it works when actually messaging a tutor, to be fair!)
I guess I have a problem with us giving away our time for free as being an expectation. Is there a way to not advertise it as an option on my profile?
I wouldn’t mind charging less for a meeting beforehand, I just find that offering it for free raises expectations for regular calls, and it just isn’t practical when you’re fully booked. I also prefer communicating through feedback, email or messages, as it means that there is a paper trail. This can be useful if issues arise, or even just to go back and check information.

Also, I’ve seen a lot of bashing Tutorful on some of the threads, and I just want to clarify that I think you’re all doing an amazing job, and Tutorful are the reason I have been able to make a really good wage working as a fully booked, full time self employed tutor. If there isn’t a way, I can suck it up :sweat_smile: . Thank you!

It shouldn’t be an option for clients to literally create a request for a free video chat - however when messaging with you they could of course type the words requesting one - I assume that’s what you’re saying is happening?

It seems that these clients probably became aware that other tutors offer this free video chat and so thought it was something they could request from all tutors.

I get a request like when they do a lesson request, with a button that takes me to the date and time.

Oh I see! That sounds like a bug.

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Have you checked your Account settings? There is a checkbox for offering free video chats there. If you haven’t ticked that then, yes, it’s a bug or an oversight on the part of the developers.

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I thought I’d checked it ages ago, and I looked yesterday but I can’t see any reference to it on my profile settings. I’m not great with tech, but I’ll have another look! Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve just found it and yeah, it must be a bug cause I haven’t ticked the offer free video chats button. Weird!

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Hi all, this is indeed a bug and should be resolved within the next week or so. We’ll update once it’s been fixed.

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I keep getting requests for ‘free video calls’. However, it’s not clicked on my profile and when I mentioned it to tutorful, they ignored it and focused on others things I had brought up.

Hi Sarah, we’re currently testing a more streamlined enquiry flow that’s 50/50. The experiment should fix the issue you’ve experienced and we expect to set it live probably middle of next week, which should fix the issue permanently.

Hi, I’ve just had a request for free video chat- though I haven’t offered it for a while, and don’t have the box ticked to say I do. I did accept it, but…it’s obviously still a bug.

Hi @art82 , we set the new profile/enquiry flow experiment to 100% on this past Monday afternoon at about 4:30pm, so you shouldn’t see any more instances of this happening moving forward. I see you posted this on Monday evening, but I’m assuming the request came in earlier in the day before we made the switch. Please let me know if this is still happening with new student/parent messages.