Forcing us to use the inadequate platform

I went to change a lesson booking today (student’s request) and I notice it now states that if we do not use the Tutorful online classroom then the student will not be charged, thus implying that we will not get paid of course.

I have students who, for very good reasons of their own, prefer to use there own online services. I also find the platform slightly better than useless. Constant dropping, will not work on iPad properly, cannot share screen but three examples. If this is true, then I will no longer be using their services.

Can anyone confirm this is the new policy?

Hi @Doctordeej

Thanks for your post.

I am sorry for any concern we caused you here - this is an old message that we are working on rewording as we still want to encourage all of our users to try the online classroom in the first instance, however, you will still be paid should your lesson take place on an alternative platform.

With regard to your issues with screen sharing, sadly this isn’t an available option on iPads as our platform isn’t fully compatible on these devices. In our onboarding process, we do advise out Tutors this option isn’t available and always recommend using our platform through a Laptop or Computer and using Google Chrome as the default browser, as we find these work best with our platform and online classroom. However, I can appreciate if you’ve been with us a while, particularly before we updated onboarding process, you may not have known this so my apologies for that.

Any further issues or concerns, please email our customer success team via and we’ll be happy to help further.

Abbie :slight_smile:

Hi Abbie,

Phew, that’s a relief. Thank you for confirming. Yes, I am aware of the iPad issue, i just wonder why it wasn’t, in this day and age, taken into consideration at development stage. I use my iPad for literally everything. Tutorful is the only thing I have an issue with. I do have an aged laptop, but this has its own issues as well, such as screen drawing is not possible. Also it’s a little too slow for the Tutorful interface. Ditto my MacBook, its old too. I cannot justify the expense of new tech just for one app. So it’s Pad or nothing. I use Zoom for almost ever lesson. It is reliable, allows me to draw on the screen, upload images and documents swiftly, shar my screen with a click.

I appreciate Tutorful want to make their mark in the world, but I can’t help wondering if it would have been less troublesome to go into partnership with Zoom, like many have done. All I want Tutorful for is a place to advertise and someone to collect the payments for me. I don’t need anything in the way of tutoring support or resources. I would say the 20% fee is, in my opinion quite high, even my agent only chargers 10-15% depending on the gig! But it id what it is and saves me from chasing payments, so there is that.

I have been with Tutorful for a while now, clocking up almost 1,400 hours (662 in the last 12 months) and £40k in earnings, so do appreciate the service.

Many thanks again,


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It’s not true; I regularly use other platforms and payment is always taken as usual regardless. :slight_smile:

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Ive tried and tried to use their platform but I just can’t get on with it. I lost a 2 hour lesson once as it was so slow both myself and the student got very disheartened and agreed to end the lesson. You can’t use PowerPoint interactively either. I usually do my 15 minute chat on there, then ask if we can switch to zoom if further lessons are required. I’ve found most parents struggle with their side of the platform too a d prefer zoom.


Yep. Sounds all good familiar. I can’t help thinking they’d have been much better off just striking a deal with Zoom.

Thanks, yes, they confirmed. It seems there are a number of legacy issues, such as the message alerts that send you to the previous page with a link, rather than provide a direct link to the message. A little thing, but it’s gradually becoming a bit disjointed.