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Finding Your Perfect Tutor 🎓

Hi everyone :wave:

We have so many amazing tutors that work with us and we want to make looking for your perfect tutor as easy as possible! Here is our step-by-step guide on how to use the website effectively to search for a tutor that meets all of your requirements. :star:

Head over to tutorful.co.uk and click “find a tutor” which will be the first thing you see on the home page!

The system will then ask you a series of questions as below…

Type the subject that you are interested in this box (once you have typed the first could of letters you will likely see this on the drop-down of subjects and can simply click the relevant subject)

For this example I am looking for a Spanish tutor, I will then be asked to select the subject level (for languages, musical subjects etc these will be tailored to more than just academic levels)

The system will then ask for your availability out of the following options: Anytime, morning, afternoon and evening

Based on the information that you have provided the website will pull the tutors that match those requirements. You can also filter your search results further by clicking the “price” button and adjusting this accordingly.

You will then see a list of tutors that are available to help and in the list format you will see the following handy pieces of information:

  • Their name
  • A picture of them
  • Their hourly rate
  • The number of and star rating of any reviews left from any past Tutorful students (you can read these when you view their profile in full)
  • Number of repeat students
  • How many hours they have taught with us at Tutorful (please note this is not their total number of hours of tuition experience, simply through us specifically)
  • Their average response time to messages
  • If the tutor offers a free video chat to discuss requirements
  • Some tutors may have a green tick next to their name, this means that they hold an Enhanced DBS Check and that we have had sight of this. This is not a requirement for our tutors to hold as we have many adult learners that use our services and also because parents and guardians are present for lessons.

In this example we can see that James charges £33 per hour and has 12 5* reviews from past students on his profile. He has 23 repeat students, has taught 650+ hours and replies in 8 hours.

I can learn more about James by clicking the green “view profile” button and there I can take a look at his bio, the subjects he teaches and also his qualifications.

In this example we can see that Madeleine charges £35 per hour and has 8 5* reviews from past students on her profile. She has 20 repeat students, has taught 250+ hours and replies in 3 hours. She also offers a free video chat to discuss tutoring via our Online Classroom.

Again, I can learn more about Madeleine by clicking the green “view profile” button and there I can take a look at her bio, the subjects she teaches and also her qualifications.

You can send any tutor a message by clicking the “contact me” button on their profile.

You can also send a lesson request to the tutor by clicking “request lesson” via their profile or by using the “instant book” button you will see when the tutors are listed. That will take you to this form to complete.

This request will then go to the tutor and they can book the lesson for you/ reply to your message and discuss your needs and once you are both happy continuous lessons can be arranged and booked in on the system by your new tutor. :star:

Of course, if you ever need our help with anything please don’t hesitate to give our office a call on 0114 383 0989 then one of our Customer Success Team will happily help you. Our opening hours are Monday - Friday 9.00am - 7.00pm.

I really hope this was helpful for those of you wanting to make the best out of your tutor search!