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Finding tutoring jobs

My best distance was 800 feet!

I think this is really great advice.

Starting your rate low and then once you start having some lessons, you can raise it.

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Thanks for the advice

The thing is that I’ve already had students. Since I’ve started, I’ve taught 16 hours (not a lot but still some). But there has been nothing. Granted my profile could do with some spring cleaning but even the tutorful jobs boards are empty.

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Stay positive…I started with Tutorful assuming that I’d be lucky to get a few hours a week. I’m as fully booked as I can be and am not visible most of the time and I’ve never ever got a job via the job board :four_leaf_clover:

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Try searching for yourself to see if you’re appearing as an option for clients. You’ll just have to use an incognito tab (or log out), put in a subject you teach, and your rough whereabouts. If you aren’t appearing, or are ranking super low down, then that’ll be your problem!


I have found the same and I have joined another site, although I didn’t really want to. I am not getting requests come through and although I look several times a day, through the jobs board, and by subject, there is very little. The ones that do come through are either looking for face-to-face, which cannot be offered now, or are asking for a very low rate.

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What subject do you teach?

Little bit disappointed applied for 7 jobs today over Tutorful this morning and really upset I’ve always been first to apply or so it seems and then in 40 mins later the jobs have gone and no feedback. Think it would be a wise idea to let us know when job has been filled just so we aren’t waiting around and also after applying for so many in different styles just fill me with lots of hope to be left with nothing… I’m really hoping something amazing is coming and to sit tight. As I was very hopefully about this in the beginning…


Dear Sanak, I am also with you in this as I don’t understand why Tutorful doesn’t have a system to inform the other 3 applicants of a job that has already been filled. I’ve had some moments where I went to apply for the job, but when I refreshed page 5mins after, the job had mysteriously disappeared.

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Yes had this a lot also it’s disheartening and also frustrating. But really needs to be looked into!

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It is disheartening and I often think about how could I improve the initial message I send when responding to job adverts. It is cutthroat. Remember it is a sale and therefore you aren’t always going to be successful so try not to take it too personally.

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But I do take this personally as I’m advertising quite frankly the best priced sessions for my particular topic. Lessons for £85 for example are such a blatant rip-off!!

It is not just based on price and sometimes parents are just browsing. As I said, you cant expect every advert to result in an enquiry or a client.


I reached the conclusion that a job advert disappeared once 5 tutors had replied.
I found it extremely frustrating to spend 10 minutes plus composing a personalised response to a parent only to find that the advert was no longer visible and I could not send a reply.

My solution was to prepare a script in advance which included a statement that “due to the way the system works you will receive only 5 responses - perhaps in less than 5 minutes” BUT “if you write back to me I will write for a second time giving a fully considered response to your advert”

My scripts (one per subject) —were all stored in a word file. Allowing me to reply in 15 seconds or less

Not an ideal solution. Better overall would be for the website software to define the 5 responding tutors as the first 5 to expressed an interest on the website and then give those 5, say, 60 minutes maximum to submit a single response to the advert.

This would also avoid parents, perhaps, getting the impression that they were contacted with 5 desperate tutors who sat on the website all day waiting for adverts to appear. Plus the standard of replies would surely improve - parents would therefore be more likely to recruit a tutor. A win -win situation for both Tutorful and Tutors


What you’ve mentioned actually makes the most sense and would greatly help everyone, and therefore, you can build trust between the two parties for tuition lessons.

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This jobs board is so unfair, as even when you’ve applied for a job knowing that you can definitely help the student, it goes to a random stranger who may not have the same level of knowledge compared to you.

Don’t the client choose which tutor they want from the applications? If so, I don’t see what is unfair about that? I know the other applicants are a random stranger to you, but so are you to them - and that doesn’t mean the client chose them randomly and I’m not sure what basis you could have for judging that they might not have the same level of knowledge as you. If that were the case and the client still chose them, then it would seem that either the client would have to be an illogical person, or that you didn’t sell yourself enough.


I can’t help but wonder if this is the way you speak to other tutors, maybe you need to check the tone you use when speaking to prospective clients?

Tutoring is a difficult business to start out in, it takes years and hours of training to become sought after. I personally haven’t seen anyone on here who’s been tutoring less than a year saying they have overflowing requests. It’s important to remember that lots of tutors have teaching experience or teaching qualifications too.


Guys, let’s simmer the tone here. Gregory, this is a public forum, and people can reply if they choose to. Don’t knock someone when they have offered a suggestion. The key is not taking it personally; I apply for jobs and I don’t always get them, it’s the nature of the job that someone is better than you.
I know you’re frustrated at not getting anywhere - what would help?


Gregory, there’s no need to try to talk down to me or be patronising. You misinterpreted my post as
my making assumptions about your lack of effort, but it wasn’t.

I didn’t say or claim that I knew you weren’t selling yourself well enough. I was making a clear logical deduction - that if you did have more knowledge than the other applicants then the only two other possible explanations for your not being chosen were that either the client is being illogical and choosing someone with less knowledge, or you aren’t selling yourself well enough.

This is not the same as me claiming that you aren’t selling yourself enough. My point is that if you were correct that the other applicants may have less knowledge than you, then the only possible explanations of your not being chosen is either an illogical client or not selling yourself enough.

You say you sell yourself well, so it must be that the clients are illogically choosing a tutor with less knowledge for you to be right that the ones they are choosing may have less knowledge than you. Is this the unfairness you are complaining about? The rest of your post has not done much to make it clear what exactly is unfair.

I also feel the need to point out the truth - that just because you put a lot of effort into selling yourself that doesn’t necessarily mean you are selling yourself well. It might, or it might not. It could be interesting and useful for all of us to discuss what is an effective way to introduce yourself to a client and things like that. I know I’d benefit from hearing what other tutors think about that.

Let’s try to keep things respectful.