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Feedback Request: New experimental layout of the search results page!

Good afternoon everyone! Hope you’re having a lovely week and a very happy Monday to you all!

Team Peach at Tutorful has been hard at work creating new features to improve our sales funnel and increase the number of customers who visit our website and get all the way to booking a lesson.

One idea that we’ve started working on is changing our search results page to a grid layout. We believe that this will be a nicer way for customers to view profiles, give them the quick information they need, and allow them to compare tutors in a much easier and more user friendly way.

We always want to make sure that we’re being collaborative and asking for feedback on our ideas, and so we’d like to ask what you think of the new layout. We’ve included an example design of the grid layout below, and would love to know what we could improve upon? What do you like about it? We’ve removed Instant Book in the design, do you agree with this approach or do you think we should keep that option?

You’ll also notice in the design below that we have created some additional filters and designed a new sidebar to display the filters in a much more user-friendly way. This is currently being built by the team and we are working on running some testing to ensure that our users are responding to it the way we’d like! Adding filtering and sorting to our search results was the top need from our users when we interviewed them and asked for feedback on why they were not booking lessons, so we’re really excited to be able to offer this to our users to help them find the perfect tutor for their needs, and for you to get better fitting students!

Thank you all so much in advance for your thoughts! We want to ensure that we’re asking for feedback and getting our tutors’ thoughts on what we design, as well as give you a heads up about ideas that the team is working on, so we hope that you’ll like what we’ve done and provide constructive and useful feedback for us to take back to the team and iterate our designs!

Kind regards,



Looks great ! One thing did just occur to me though,
would a logo be considered for the web page ?

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Ooh I like that a lot!!


I’ve got to be honest, I’m surprised you hadn’t adopted a grid format already, I think it is a lot more aesthetically pleasing and easier to navigate in comparison to a list format.

Love the design. Love the additional filters. Looks like the design team are doing a wonderful job!


I love it too. It seems more user friendly.


Excellent, very good idea with the tiles and it looks good too.


I notice the feedback score says “5.0” - does this mean that my current feedback score of 4.9 would show as that?

Hi Joel! We won’t be making any changes to the feedback scores, this was purely a design coincidence, apologies for the confusion!

I like the grid format especially the one for the times available.
Please could we have the option for a range of prices as some of us offer different levels. Thank you for all the development work.



Good morning Cecilia!

Thank you so much for the feedback, I really appreciate the positive response! :slight_smile: Regarding different prices for different levels, this is something that has been brought up many times by many tutors, and something we are potentially looking into for the future. Thank you again!

Kind regards,


This is great! I especially like the availability filter. A further suggestion would be to make the availability section on Tutor profiles more specific as parents/clients may assume we are free during e.g. the full 4-7pm window they have selected. I currently have very specific time slots available (e.g. 15:10-15:55) so I get a lot of enquiries that I can’t quite fit in. Being able to advertise the exact times we’re available would save my booking score!

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