Favourite students to teach

Just a general thought really - what kind of students do you prefer?
I have a real soft spot for the quiet students that need a confidence boost (I think because I see teenage me in them a lot of the time). I’ve taught 2 students that were mute, and I actually loved it. We figured out our own way of communicating, and our own routines, and it felt amazing to be able to give them that safe space to learn without feeling out of their comfort zone.
I also really like working with kids who are high ability and just need a bit of focus and guidance. They come up with fascinating points, and often see their own progression, which is really rewarding. It also gives me a chance to expand my own subject knowledge. I love when they think of something I’ve never considered.
The ones I find most difficult are chatty primary school students. I applaud anyone who has the energy to keep up with them all day! :sweat_smile: They also take a lot more planning, but that is just because I am a secondary specialist, so I need to spend more time researching for primary stuff.


I’m quite perverse :scream: I love a student that’s been written off by everyone and showing them they can do it…

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I agree. My favourites are students who are low on confidence or those who are eager to learn. I love watching their reactions when they get that ‘oh, I get it now!’ moment. It’s very rewarding watching their skills and confidence develop.



One of my students is low on confidence and, as it turns out, high on ability. She’s gone from struggling in maths to doing really well. Her parents say that it has improved her confidence across all of her subjects. She recently spotted a different way of proving something in maths which I had never noticed!

As Kate says, it’s those students who have been written off by everyone. Definitely.


Definitely! I teach maths too and sadly that means a lot of students who’ve been written off and it’s so much fun building their confidence and allowing them to realize they can achieve anything :grin: