Extra child in class

Hi all Hope you all had a great Easter break !
I’ve just been asked if I could teach two new children together ( They are cousins & Both age 7yrs ). I think that the parents feel that they’ll have more fun together.
My gut feeling is that I should assess them
Individually first then see if they’re of similar abilities.
How much should I charge to teach 2. children together ?

Unless they are of different abilities or doing different topics, I charge the same. I have a brother and sister that I teach together, same age, same class at school. There is no extra work for me since I used to teach the two individually in person (before Covid-19). Technically they do have separate lessons (the sister needs Maths; the brother needs English), but over lockdown I ended up teaching both children at the same time online. It works really well as they do have fun and compete against each other. The sister takes the lead in the Maths lessons and the brother in the English lessons.


I would charge the same and use it as an opportunity to see if you can do the same with other situations and therefore increasing the number of pupils you teach each time. It might be even feasible to up to 3 per teaching session. It would therefore free a bit more time for you as well.

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Yeah I have a similar situation- I teach two brothers who are so similar in age as to be in the same year at school, so I just teach them at the same time. No extra work for me.

hi me too I have had siblings in past and do not charge extra but sometime within the lesson work with one and then the other student