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Exporting lessons and payments

Hi Guys.
Been reading through a few topics today on a lazy hot Sunday.

Just wondering whether it would be possible to export our lessons completed and payments to an excel file or even a csv file.

This would mean we have quick access to lessons completed and payments info for each student.

This would tie in with understanding payments for multiple students on different platform fees.


This is an excellent idea. I know a lot of people use software like excel to manage their payments, but I have never had any benefit in doing so (all my students are through Tutorful so I can just use the site directly) to offset the time it would take to move it over. If it can be made available as a spreadsheet to download that would allow me to take a closer look at things like trends over time, responses to changes in my profile, etc

I imagine that exactly how this is stored behind the scenes will be the key factor in how feasible this is.


Hi, i just do this by selecting/copying the info on my earnings page and paste it into an excel sheet.

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Which of course works in terms of payments.
But doesnt give any info on which lessons paid how much and at what commission rate.

Tutorful have all the info bundled up and having access to this would be helpful.

Some days its posaible to have 3 payemts covering 15 plus lessons. Knowing which ones at what rate and commission can be tricky to work out.