Dyslexia Resources

Hello All,

I’m just about to start teaching maths and English to a new KS2 Year 4 student who has dyslexia. I’ve taught dyslexic students before, face to face but never online. Do any of you know of any good resources for dyslexia students that would work well with the Tutorful classroom, particularly any good games, videos and interactive resources?

Thank you.

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I diagnose and teach dyslexic students. I have lots of useful resources. Unfortunately, there is still an awful lot of ignorance about dyslexia, especially from so-called educationalists and educational psychologists, who seem to think that all dyslexia children are the same. Like autism, dyslexia by its nature is very individual. Visiting most educational websites will only lead to frustration. However, you might try some of these:


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Thank you Rocki, these look really useful.