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Do you have a blog or website?

In the ‘hobbies’ thread, some of you mentioned that you recently started blogging (@Lorna and @Dylan for example). Is your site specific to tutoring or to a subject that you tutor?

I personally have a blog called A Chat With Kat. It’s got a dual focus on fitness and finance, which are two topics I’m passionate about. Since I’m also a part-time Pilates teacher, the fitness part fits in with my tutoring career. I’ve even recently found a new student through it.

I’d love to learn more about how fellow tutors (and others who have a blog) are building up an online presence. As freelancers, it seems that making a name for ourselves in our niche is an important part of the long-term plan.

Also, feel free to share your blog links in this thread. I would love to have a look at some examples from different niches.


I’m really keen to develop my website further, I have plenty of ideas I keep in my tutoring diary when a student gives me an idea in a session. This year has been very busy for me and as much as I would love to start blogging properly it has definitely taken a backseat while I train to become a dyslexia assessor!

I will definitely be checking out your blog Kathrin!

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So far my blog hasn’t been linked to my tutoring subject (music) at all - I’ve got online platforms where I share my performances and concert details (if they can ever happen again :cry:) but this is more a personal place for me to just chat.

At the moment I’m focusing on books and beauty mainly - I’m a massive reader and I also have a big makeup and skincare collection so I thought it made sense to combine the two! It’s available at lornamuses.wordpress.com if you want to check it out!



My website is in progress but I don’t have time to sort it out at present.

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I’m currently in the early stages of putting my own site together, so unfortunately don’t have much to share right now. It’s going to be mainly about scientific topics (biology, medicine, etc).

I had a look at your blog @KathrinS, I like it a lot. You have a nice balance of professional material and personal touch.


This is a very good idea. I’d also love to start blogging or to own a website in the nearest future. I guess it’ll make students get to know you better and become more confident to book more sessions.

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Thanks for sharing! I loved your blog :blush:

I have always wanted to start my own website or blog but I’ve never really known where to start…

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Thanks for all the great replies!

@Lorna, your blog sounds interesting. I will check it out today.

Thank you @Dylan and @Julia. I’ve been running my site for almost a year now. It’s a lot of work for little reward initially, but once you start to get featured in a few different places, it becomes more exciting as more visitors find you.

For anyone looking to start, I have made a 2-part post about how to set up your own blog.


I have a website for my tutoring and counselling practice but i have to say that I have not really got many students or clients from there. I do feel that marketing and advertising is something that I know very little about and not invested in, so the website just sits there :thinking:


I agree, it takes time and energy to work on a website and may (initially) not produce many results. Personally, my blog is more of a space for me to talk about things that interest me than to advertise myself. As a side product of that, I’ve picked up some students, but it’s not the main aim.

Just checked out your blog @Lorna and it’s lovely!


I enjoy blogging and it’s a great hobby of mine! I got into it after I graduated from uni and missed writing for my uni’s newspaper, so I started up Adverturous. I mainly write about topics that interest me such as advertising and psychology. It’s good fun :relaxed: You can check it out here.

Also, love your blogs @KathrinS and @Lorna!


Hey Aishwarya, your blog looks amazing! Such high quality content, and it looks really nice. I commented on one of the posts and followed.


I’ve made a website with the learning resources I’ve created over the years. One day I would love to be able to sell them for an additional source of income because for some reason I really enjoy working on them but I need that to become a source of income to justify the amount of time I spend on them. A bit of a gamble perhaps but I’m hoping that works out!


So awesome to hear about everyone’s blogs and websites - what a multitalented bunch you all are!

I regularly write articles about science on Medium. As a former researcher, I love to delve into the latest scientific findings and write about them (hopefully in an interesting and engaging way).

My latest blog was weighing up whether aliens are likely to exist (based on scientific evidence)… I love it! :heart_eyes: :nerd_face:


Loved the article! :grinning: :grinning:

@JoeL That’s awesome, I am sure your resources are very helpful for others in your subject area. There are several websites where people sell their resources, have you ever tried any of them?

@Rosie_A Your page on Medium looks great.

I really liked your article on working from home. Most of us here are self-employed so we can all relate :smiley:

Hi @Rosie_A

Have you seen the film ‘Life’? They can stay hidden! :joy::joy::joy:

Hi @JoeL

I would love to employ someone to do all my resources, I just don’t have the time to do them!

You could work out the prices and put them on your website.

What’s your subject ?

So I’m finally getting a chance to have a wee look at your blogs and websites - really enjoying reading them all with a cup of tea! :tea:

@KathrinS - loving the fitness / finance focus of your website. I’ve just been reading your section on ‘engaging your glutes’ which is something I’ve been working on in pilates recently (my physio would approve :laughing:) I’ve had all sorts of problems with my knees, back and feet over the years and I’m starting to think it might all stem from a lazy glute …! I’ll keep reading your website!

@Lorna - your website looks so chic! I’ve just been looking through your skincare article. I’ve been experimenting with a few different things recently (since I don’t have to see many people at the moment :joy:

@Aishwarya your website looks gorgeous, very inviting. I’ve just having a look over the ‘fitness’ review - I really like how you give them ratings, very useful.

@JoeL - have you tried selling on TES? I could imagine you could gain quite a following on there!?

@Julia & @AnnaDuncanScience - So glad you liked the articles. I love writing but it’s quite hard sometimes because you don’t see immediate rewards (as @KathrinS and @JoeL mentioned with their projects)… It makes a real difference knowing someone enjoys them! :heart_eyes:

@Kitty - No I haven’t seen ‘Life’ but it’s going on the lockdown list!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: