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Daylight Savings and Availability Fix!

Good morning everyone!

It’s your friendly neighbourhood Product Manager, Natalie, here to give you an update on an issue on which we’ve received feedback and been able to fix!

Recently there have been issues with availability due to the complexities of daylight savings, that pesky seasonal time change! Our development teams have been hard at work identifying and putting a fix in place.

They were incredibly keen to find a solution that fixed the root cause of the issue rather than just put a temporary bandage on the problem, which would come back in October when the time changes again. Handling dates and times within a system is never easy, and when an extra layer of abstraction (times when people are usually available - e.g. Monday 7-8pm) is added on top the problem becomes rather complex!

Our development team has spent some time initially collecting data and investigating the root cause of the problem, which turned out to be a timezone conversion between our database (which operates in GMT) and our tutor’s timezone (which is now GMT+1 during British Summer Time). Once the root cause of the issue was identified, our team planned a solution, implemented, and tested it both through automated tests and manual internal tests before sending the update to our users.

Thank you all for your patience with us and your continued support of our platform, we appreciate you and your hard work!

Have a lovely day and as always, please reach out with feedback and questions, we are always here to support you!