Cursor pen can we adapt it?

Hi I dont know if anyone else has this issue but when the pupils use the pen for maths it causes confusion it being a + sign. I work with SEN pupils and I am trying to help them feel more settled with using the classroom. Could the pen be a pen and not a + sign. Is it just me that is experiencing this?


Hi @Jowilliams51

That’s a great suggestion, I’ll pass it over to our product team to see if this is something we can change. Anymore suggestion, feel free to contact us directly via or comment on a few threads in the Forum!

Thanks, Abbie :smiley:

Thank you Abbie this would be appreciated. The students like to have consistency and some students take things literally. So when the pen changes to a + it gets in the way of their calculations etc. Thank you for the other changes to the classroom.