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Could we make it more obvious to the new students that it's "online only"?

Hello everyone,

A new student messaged me today and after exchanging a few messages booked our first lesson. Then, she finally realised that it’s online and not in person and almost cancelled the lesson. Made me feel like a fraud for not making it obvious in our messages before the lesson was confirmed. I just assumed everyone knew that it’s online only.

Yesterday I got a message from a student in Southampton basically saying “I am not interested in online lessons. Could you come to my house?”. It says on my profile that I live in Scotland and do online only so the student clearly hasn’t even clicked on it :woman_facepalming:

But anyways, we don’t offer face-to-face anymore at all, even locally, so is there something we could do to make it more obvious to prevent students from requesting it? Maybe a pop up notice when they contact a tutor for the first time?

It hasn’t affected my booking score yet as I have only been online for a day but I am worried that it eventually will if I keep replying “I can’t help” a couple of times a day. It’s also just a waste of everyone’s time to be exchanging messages about something that just won’t happen.

Does anyone else get messages like that?


I still fully oppose the move to online only, so actually the fact you’re getting messages like that gives me hope that Tutorful will realise that this decision is not sensible and reverse it/that I’ll still be able to get some in-person students through Tutorful. At the moment, I am offline since I don’t need any additional students, but I am worried about the future once some of my current students finish their studies.

I wouldn’t be opposed to an automatic pop-up, provided that individual tutors could still state on their profile that they are open to in-person tuition.


I want students to ask for face to face! It’s Tutorful that have moved the goal posts. What’s this we business? They should make it clear not us. Apparently this is nothing to do with us we are just the monkeys. Yes I am still upset just in case anyone thinks our removal of choice is ok.


I’ve had 2 requests for in person teaching this week. I too worry that slow responses or declining will effect my ranking/feedback. So I agree tutorful need to make the online only far more obvious and maybe allow us to flag parents (students) asking for face to face so that tutorful can contact them and explain their policy so they are not contacting many tutors and wasting our time.


So have I and they both live really far away.


Same here, when you explain that it is online only then I never hear from them again and my booking score has decreased as a result. Also when we book in lessons, we can book in person, still lol


I’ve had 2 requests for face to face as well. They didn’t live anywhere near me, so I have no idea why they contacted me. My booking score went down because of it.

I’ve lost my first student because of her wanting to go back to in person tutoring.

My booking score is now the lowest it’s been since starting 3 years ago.

@Kitty You can still book existing students for in person. I’ve booked in with some of my students for next week after 17th May.

It wasn’t a current student.

I would imagine that tutorful would boost your score for you given that the reason this student quit was out of your control, especially when their policy is the cause?

No already told them but they just passed it back to me.

I have just spent over twenty minutes e mailing back and forth with a prospective new student explaining why I don’t offer in-person lessons, stipulating several times that this is not my choice but an option that is not offered in this particular site. I even suggested they discuss it with Tutorful, as they did not seem to want to accept it, presumably because this is not clearly stated on the site or when they register as a new student. I really do think that this is not something we, as tutors, should be explaining, and should be outlined in the registration of their details/needs etc.

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I am so sorry that you had to waste so much time @KayleighD :pensive:

Couldn’t agree more with what you wrote about the need for a clear statement somewhere on the site. There’s so much confusion right now as the option to book lessons in person is still technically there, even with completely new students. I thought it would only apply to students from before March when the policy was first introduced.

I didn’t know the option was still there for in person for new students. What a farce!

Well I’ve lost another one now anyway and my booking score is so low I won’t be getting any more students coming through here. I still have my regulars on here so will just keep going with them.

This policy has effectively closed my route to market at the moment.

Hi Kitty, I’m so sorry you have lost those students. Maybe ask your regulars if their friends or family need any tutoring? And obviously keep checking the jobs board. The main assessment period is not over yet so there are still people looking for last minute revision :slight_smile:

Regarding the face-to-face lessons, I am not sure what the official Tutorful policy is anymore because the option when booking a lesson is technically still there. Even with a student I only found last week. I only tutor online so it doesn’t change anything for me but I can see why this can be very confusing for tutors who would want to go back to face-to-face if they knew they could.

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Thanks I do both and a wide variety of subjects and ages.

I don’t any jobs on the board anymore and haven’t for a good 2 years now. I also don’t seem to have the same bookings window either looking at that one.

I do day tutoring in schools for an agency to., for 1-1 and small groups.


I have also had another request come through for in-person and they live miles away too, so I guess that will continue to knock my score down. I will have to contact Tutorful and ask them to amend my score but it is going down every week with every failed booking through no fault of my own. I feel your pain, Kitty :unamused:


Maybe we should specify our (relative) location on our profiles from now on. I see the the distance indicator has been removed.

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Maybe we could add that to our bio, but we cannot offer in person tutoring anyway, can we?! Just had another one come through and explained the site’s policy. I have offered online, so let’s see if he is willing to go for that instead :woman_shrugging:

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