Convincing the user of on-line

I wondered how everyone manages to convert a user who is unsure about on-line tuition. I have said to a potential user how it does work very well and the interaction is often just like sitting at a table with them and also how the learner could share the wipe board.
She has now booked and confirmed the first tutorial !

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When hesitant I offer a free video chat to demonstrate what the classroom can do
& at the same time check technology works which often means in practice demonstrate that his/her wonderful phone doesn’t work as well as a lap top.


Yes good point, the free video chat is only short and if
it converts the hesitant user to secured then it’s definitely worth it.
The technology, I know that one, been there with it, we can’t decide what
I.T. they use but I guess we can explain that maybe their phone isn’t the best
after all ( even though the sales person in the shop said it was ) and to try
a laptop instead. Cheers, Nigel.

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