Concerns about getting work

Hello fellow Tutors, I am quite new to tutorful, and I have some concerns, mainly about the scoring system. I love tutoring online and I have a fair bit of experience. One of the things I’ve noticed about this platform is how harsh the score ranking is for tutors, and I have no idea if an 8 (repeat client etc) is good? So far I have had a lot of time wasters contact me and ask me endless questions about how they pay and other practicalities, without following up and confirming a lesson. I am always polite of course, and communicate effectively with potential students, but ultimately it seems I get punished if they are, well? …Time wasting. How have other people overcome this? Does it get better? Thanks in advance.

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That’s a tough one. I have had this, and I think the parents don’t consider it being an issue for us and don’t realise it affects the scores.
I’ve found that it seems to get better after you get a few positive reviews under your belt. I’m not sure why, but that has been my experience.


My approach if it looks like a long exchange of messages is starting is to tell parent that it would save time for both of us to have a 15 minute chat. Then use the chat to meet the son/daughter and take a few minutes demonstrate how good the classroom is.

Which usually leads to one of 2 outcomes.
(A) The student wants lessons - date and time agreed at end of chat.
(B) Time wasting stops.

My preferred solution because I’d much rather chat to a stranger for 15 minutes than write multiple messages over several days each one of which needs to double up as an advert - for an uncertain (perhaps “unlikely” is a better word) reward at end of the process.


Yep, I’m afraid this is how it works. Just try to ignore the weird scoring system or you’ll be very frustrated! I have a booking score -currently- of 5, because I answer people’s enquiries promptly and then I get nothing back, or a bit of an enquiry and then it doesn’t always lead to lessons. My repeat booking score is good, as I have weekly lessons scheduled, however the system doesn’t really like you doing ad-hoc or short-term work.

Hi there :slight_smile: Thanks for posting and welcome to the community!

We have lots of FAQs on the homepage to help tutors manage their scores, and ones explaining how the scoring system works and how payments work. I would also encourage you to contact our team of tutor experts who would be more than happy to advise you on this subject. You can get in touch with them via or 0114 383 0989.

With regards to messages from students which aren’t leading to bookings, I would also suggest sending the student a follow up message a few days later, as sometimes they may have not seen the message or just forgot to respond. It’s also good to know your repeat client score is not affected by prospective students, only students that have confirmed lessons with you.

I would also agree with Phillip that video chats are a good way to have a chat with the student or parent to see if it’s going to be the right fit going forward, both for online lessons to show them the benefits of the classroom, and for in-person enquiries, if both you and the student or parent want to have a quick virtual chat before meeting in person. :slight_smile: