Comparison, Schedule & Lifestyle of a Tutor 👩🏻‍🏫

Hi everyone, I thought a thread where we can be open and transparent about some of the more hidden aspects of the tutoring lifestyle would be cool. We can discuss anything but what came to mind initially was how we compare what we do to a more conventional 9-5, how many hours we tend to work in a day/week, the seasonality of work and what we do with our free time which may (or may not) be more than our peers.

I tend to average about 2-3 lessons a day at the moment and I realised that I had no idea whether this was above, below or average for a tutor so I’d love to hear how many lessons others tend to teach - I do limit myself to weekdays and I stop at 6.30pm so I imagine a lot of people do more? ​This drops drastically over the summer too, though last summer I had more lessons than usual due to Covid so I’m wondering what will happen this summer.

I tend to tutor in the afternoon/early evening, so I use my mornings to do some voluntary work, admin work for my father-in-law and/or just life admin/exercise/chilling. I can feel odd having this varied week of doing different things and I often have more free time than friends who work 9-5. How do other people’s days look?

Feel free to answer my thoughts and questions, or share anything you’ve always wondered/found different about being a tutor!


Hi Katie, this is a really interesting topic. I am a full time tutor, and most of my students are undergraduates or A Level students. I teach Monday-Thursday 9am-7pm, running my lessons back to back with a 30 min lunch break and sometimes another 30 min break in the afternoon. I usually teach lessons on Friday morning but I make sure to keep the afternoon free to catch up with all the admin I have missed over the course of the week! I no longer work on weekends since it is important for me to spend time with my partner or friends who work a normal week, although when I first started years ago I was mostly working on evenings and weekends. I think if I was teaching younger students, I wouldn’t be able to work as many daytime hours so I am really glad I can have a relatively “normal” schedule and I feel like having this structure to my day really helps me to stay organised and motivated.

The past couple of years have been incredibly intense towards the end of the school year. Last year I worked a lot during the summer but this year I really do feel like I need a good rest, as I’m sure most of us do! I think things will quieten down from mid-June for me, and then will probably pick back up in mid September.

I’d be really interested to hear what others have to say on this topic too.


@CelesteC Wow that’s so busy - well done! Yes I don’t work late evenings or weekends to spend time with my husband and friends, and being a majority GCSE tutor, most of my students want the premium ‘after-school’ spots so daytime lessons are quite rare but not non-existant.

I have found this end of school year very intense - I’ve taken my profile offline for the first time ever.

How long have you been a tutor for? :blush:


I’ve struggled with keeping my timetable doable as I’ve built up my hours. For the past 2 years or so I worked 6 days a week, from 8am to 9pm. One day I taught 9 hours, which was way too much. I teach kids abroad online in the mornings, usually have 2 or 3 hours in the middle of the day, then students in England for the afternoon and evening. I kept Saturday free, because at one point I was doing 7 days and it was way too much.
I now have Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sunday afternoons free. I teach between 4 and 7 hours a day and the balance is ideal.


I dropped down a lot this year from previous.

Totally agree with @heather, 7 days a week was too much for me too. I make my weekends as Friday-Saturday, so I get to have the same day off as my friends, but I can still get a day of teaching in on Sunday :blush:


I don’t really have a set schedule but I generally average 30 to 35 hrs at peak times and about 20 to 25 at off peak times. Due to COVID, this has thrown off my schedule and most of this year I have been averaging about 15 hrs a week. It just varies.

I feel up to 30hrs, it is manageable but beyond that, it does feel too overwhelming.


@Julia @priya @heather @CelesteC where do you get your daytime teaching hours from? Still Tutorful? And what sort of students are these? I’ve never ventured much past the after-school GCSE students!


Previously, I had some students who were homeschooled and would book lessons during the day, but now all of my daytime students are either Alevel or degree. I found all of them through Tutorful.

I think the timing is probably influenced quite a lot by the level you teach, since at A level and degree students are much freer to pick their own schedules. Over the last year it was much busier during the daytime, I wonder if next year that will continue…

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Hi Katie
I mostly tutor after school and weekdays. Occasionally, I get some students who want lesson during the day or early mornings. These are generally A Level and GCSE students.

I get my students mainly from tutorful or through recommendations.

I hope that helps.


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Approx 20.hours a week.
Agree with others if you’re tutoring Alevel it allows you to have daytime hours generally.

I try to keep weekends free and like to finish by 6.30.

In saying that if any long term students ask for a particular time and day I normally comply. I’ve worked nearly every saturday for a year.

I’ve done as many as 24 or 25 hours a week. It gets difficult then to keeo them all engaged as I have less time to prep for each lesson.

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