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Coming Soon: Tutorful Classes! 🎉

We’re really excited to announce that in the near future Tutorful will be launching ‘Tutorful Classes’. :tada:

At the start of lockdown we did a trial to see whether or not this was something people wanted and got absolutely fantastic results. We therefore decided to build classes ourselves, from scratch.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Classes will be a series of sessions around a particular topic with a small group of students. We plan to start small and gradually scale the number of classes and tutors involved. This is mainly so that we can make sure that we’ve considered all eventualities and have time to make any valuable changes based on feedback. We’ll keep you updated with our progress!

We wanted to start by sharing some of the version 1 designs for the pages students will see and would love your thoughts!


Looks nice to me. Is there a way for tutors to get involved at this point?


Sounds really exciting! How would the classes be run? is it a series of sessions with the same students? Would love to be involved!


Sounds amazing!

Anyway we as tutors can be involved?


Is the idea that tutors would be able to offer this on their profile? I think that if tutors had control over this functionality then it would run the best. If we could design and create our own classes, set the prices for them, and offer that on our profiles - students could then search for class lessons by subjects as an alternative to searching for 1-1 tuition?


Oh i just noticed that i am teaching this class :rofl:


I was offered the chance to do it during the lockdown…I was completely honoured and seriously thought long and hard about it, but ultimately decided not to do it as I was too focused on my 1:1 students, as I find it so beneficial. However, it may be something I consider in the future.


I’m so pleased to hear how much you’re all wanting to be involved in Classes. :blush:

For the first version we are including a very small number of tutors, subjects and levels; the majority of these tutors were involved in the previous trial. As soon as we’re ready to open it up to more tutors and subjects we will definitely let you all know!

For now, please register your interest to be involved by following the link below and we’ll keep you updated about when you can get involved too. It’s likely that it won’t be for several months as we still have quite a bit to build before we can include a large number of tutors.

Register your interest here

Below is a little bit of an overview in terms of how Classes will run, at least in the very early stages:

  • A ‘class’ will be a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 7 sessions with the same students
  • Class sessions will be weekly (we’d like to have other options in the future)
  • Class sessions will take place on the same day and at the same time each week
  • A class session will be 1 hour
  • Tutors will decide what they’d like to run a class on and design the class content (you are the experts)

We have done some testing so far around entry points and the flow to ensure it’s easy to understand and so that students can find Classes but also the tutors who are running the classes.

If you’d be interested, I could look into creating a seminar to go through it all properly nearer the time so that you can all ask any other question you have?

Also, I’d love to hear any thoughts on the designs I shared too :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


The designs look great to me !

What I’m really interested in is how students would search for and sign up to these classes?


Doesn’t appeal to me in the least.
I don’t like the reference to “our best tutors” in the image implying that those who do not wish to offer something other than one to one are not among “the best”.


I just had to look up what “Surds” were! I think I need this class. Ha ha! Over to you Julia.

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Just registered my interest - it looks amazing! Fingers crossed that I get to work on the project! :crossed_fingers:t3:


I am interested in principle, but I have a number of concerns.

  1. Like Wizened, I don’t like the implication - whether intentional or not - that if we are not among those offering these classes then we are not among the ‘best tutors’. Who decides who are among the best? This strikes me as similar to the concerns with badges raised on another thread: parents/students will automatically think that if a tutor doesn’t offer one of these classes then they are inferior to tutors who do.

  2. While you’ve said that we need to register our interest for now, is this something that everyone will have the chance to offer, or only those hand-picked by Tutorful? If it’s the latter, then that could put all other tutors at a serious and unfair disadvantage, which leads to my next point …

  3. Offering these classes could severely reduce demand for some tutors, making it even harder to attract new students. I know that Tutorful are running a large advertising campaign for September, but, at the end of the day, the market of students/parents is finite.

  4. There is a minimum number of students for each class - what happens if somebody cancels last minute? Does that mean that the other students - in this example, 2 - lose their class as well? Would the tutor have to book them in for individual 1:1 tuition? This could be potentially very messy.

  5. How will offering these classes impact on the booking and repeat booking scores? If the tutor is only offering classes on set topics then students will move on once they’ve attended that class, so surely that would negatively affect the repeat booking score.


“How to Overcome Surds Easily”!! Shouldn’t that be how to easily overcome surds? Having said that being a maths teacher so I’m useless at English. The graphic confirming that the integral of r squared equals the integral of r squared is really useful. Why does every announcement make you so ‘excited’. You really are a very excitable lot! I’m really insulted with my vast skill and experience that I haven’t been approached for this prestige project. PS Before you strike me from your books I am joking.

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This is not for me I don’t do groups online.

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I can see the benefits of groups all covering one subject as that does not impact on prep time, but I am unclear as to how this would work financially? Hopefully, there will be more information as it becomes more mainstream on Tutorful. In Psychology it might work, say for revision session on one topic i.e. memory or how to answer 16 mark questions at A level. However, I do feel the one-one aspect of tutoring is my preference. Also, with some subjects such as Psychology, the exam boards do not all cover the same topics in the same way, if that makes sense, so it might need to be more specific.

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Sounds good to me, I think some students would benefit from working in small groups and also those who feel uncomfortable, anxious or a sense of pressure when it’s one to one tutoring. I’d like to register my interest in teaching some classes. :slight_smile:

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Looking forward to the opportunity of teaching ‘group classes’ but not sure how it will work when I can only select primary as a ‘target age’ for the class. Primary ranges from aged 4-11 and that’s almost impossible to run one class/topic for!?
Will there be chance to specify which age or key stage the class is designed for? and will there be option to offer more than one to cover the whole of primary (as I am suitably qualified)?

Sounds a great idea to me as the support network that can be created in a small group is what can make the difference for some students coming forward for tuition who might be anxious or lack the confidence to go whole heartedly into a one on one tuition environment. Also it’s great for allowing those students to come forward and work on a particular sub topic area which I think is very beneficial for a subject that can come across as so compartmentalised as mathematics does for students at times!

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I’m so excited for this, it looks great! It’s perfect for students that can’t afford one to one, or students who are a bit too shy for it. It’s also a good opportunity for us to get one to one lessons from the group class.
I teach group lessons on classin, and it’s fantastic. Would there be a private chat box in the lesson for students to submit their answers without the others seeing them?
It’s also great in classin that they have a ‘classroom’ outside of lesson where I can share relevant resources and they can message one another and myself about the topic, or the homework.

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