Coming Soon: Archiving Messages Feature!

Good morning everyone! :slight_smile: I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend!

I’m really excited to tell you about a new feature we’re working on, which is the ability for you to archive messages that are not relevant to you to keep your inbox tidy.

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How will the feature work?

It all starts in your “Messages” area on your Dashboard, where you’ll have the option to archive a message if you no longer need it in your inbox.

We’ll be adding an FAQ to our Support area soon where you’ll find more information on the nuts and bolts.

You’ll see this feature first in the Tutorful apps (iOS and Android), and we’ll then make it available on the website.

We’ll ask you to select a reason why you can’t help, and by choosing an accurate reason why you’re archiving the student, you’re helping us gather data and improve our platform for you and your students!

Tutorful is going to bulk archive messages that are no longer relevant to you.

We’d like to make things easier on you by bulk archiving any messages that are older than 6 months. This will ensure that you won’t have to go through all your messages and archive each of them individually.

Will I be able to unarchive messages if I need to?

As this is the first iteration of the new feature, we have not yet provided the option to unarchive messages. To help, you’ll be able to contact our Support team members to unarchive any messages. Further information will be available in our FAQs, coming soon!

We hope that this feature will be useful to you, but any feedback or thoughts are more than welcome. We appreciate your continued support of the Tutorful platform!


Great news! Love this!

Quick question, you say we are going to have to select the reason why we are archiving the message or, as you put it, “can’t help the student”. Will there be an option to archive a student that we have helped in the past who no longer requires tuition? I’m thinking GCSE students for example that have passed the exam they required tutoring for.


Key scenario to consider here is that any satisfied student - who has not been in touch for more than 6 months - should be able to find their previous tutor without going through searching process.

Even if that Tutor is offline at the time.

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Good morning everyone!

Thank you all for your feedback and questions, it’s always appreciated! Here’s a bit more information from you based on your questions:

  • “Will there be an option to archive a student that we have helped in the past who no longer requires tuition?” Yes, absolutely! We’ve split out the “I can’t help” reasons into “new” or “existing” students, as we’re conscious that with existing students the reasons you’re done tutoring them may be different than new students. Once we release the feature, I encourage all of you to let us know if the reasons don’t make sense/we need to add new ones/we need to reword them, though!

  • “Any satisfied student should be able to find their previous tutor without going through searching process” - We agree, that is why students won’t be archived from the tutor on their side, we have not made any changes to the student side, so they will still see their tutors, the messages they’ve sent, and most importantly if they message a tutor who has archived them for any reason, they will be unarchived and visible again to the tutor in their messages.

Hopefully that helps, thanks again for giving me the opportunity to clarify things!

Kind regards,