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College hiring of tutors

Has tutorful been in touch with the universities so that tutors can be hired for blocks of times and for sessions where many students can ask questions and watch how something is done. Talking to my students the colleges are not doing a great job during the crisis and this could be a big income earner for tutorful


Hi @Tony, this is not something that we currently do but I have passed this idea on internally. I really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts, thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:


I also wondered whether this was an idea with regards to the National Tutoring Programme that they have spoken about. It would certainly help for private tutors who are self-employed and might have lost some of their income due to Covid. I also think that some schools might utilise their own staff first as opposed to outsourcing to the private sector. Some student’s parents that I have spoken to are hanging fire at the moment to see what is being offered before asking for more lessons or extra hours, which I can fully understand.


It is a limbo situation… but re your writing are you expecting one student- then student’s is fine but more than one should be students’ . If you do not use correct grammar how will parents have trust in you??

Well that was unexpected after 4 months. Thanks, Manda.

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It was probably generated by autocorrect anyway, or as I like to call it Auto incorrect