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Classroom Update :)

Hi Everyone! :wave:

Below are the issues we’ve resolved this week. If you do still experience any of the issues, please keep letting us know in the post lesson feedback.

  • When sharing an individual tab it showed a black screen for the other person. This has now been resolved.
  • Sometimes documents uploaded would disappear or not be visible to the other person if a board was deleted. This has now been resolved.
  • Sometimes documents would fail to upload and would need multiple retries. We now retry them automatically for you.

Below are the main things we’re still investigating. Again, this list isn’t exhaustive of everything reported, it’s solely the highest priority problems.

  • Errors uploading documents with spaces and/or non alphanumeric characters in the name
  • Video/audio connection issues, which we’re working closely with the provider of the video service in the classroom on. Due to the complexity of the streaming video, this is likely to be ongoing for some time.

After resolving the most pressing stability issues the top two features we will be looking to add are below (there are many more on our list).

  • To add syncing to the ‘lock’ button so that the student’s view moves with the tutors
  • Additional pen thicknesses

Thank you again for everyone’s support. You are invaluable in making the classroom as good as it can be. We value all feedback and suggestions. :blush:


Hi Katie and everyone else. Been having problems with the platform, quite frequently getting messages that the connection is unstable but I have decent internet a cat 6 ethernet connection and my PC is only 1.5 m from the router. As students drop off I have finally got the time to look at this - any ideas?

Hi Paul,

Sorry to hear you’ve experienced problems. I’ve sent you a direct message; we’d love to try to get to the bottom of the problems you’ve been experiencing.