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Classroom Update: Some of the issues we've recently resolved and are currently working on

Hi Everyone! :wave: This week we’ve added a large number of additional people to the new classroom. I firstly just wanted to apologise to anyone who has experienced a problem. We’re constantly monitoring feedback and investigating the issues reported so we can resolve them as soon as possible. They do sometimes take time though; we’ll try our best to keep you updated about when problems are resolved. Thank you to everyone who has submitted feedback; please continue to do so via the leave lesson button or by speaking to us directly.

Below are a couple of the main things we’re investigating at the moment. This list isn’t exhaustive of everything reported; it’s solely what we’re currently working on.

  • Black screen during screen share for some people
  • Screen share and it being blurry for some people

We’ve recently put something in place to try and fix the echo that some people were experiencing and the issue where uploaded documents were not showing for students. Please let us know straight away if either of these are still an issue though and we will keep on investigating. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for taking the time to update us, @katie_tutorful . It would be useful if we could a have a short weekly update on what is currently being worked on as it does help to know that issues/requests are being reviewed and worked on.


No problem at all :slight_smile: I’ll definitely try my best to do a weekly update if that would be helpful.

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Hi Katie thanks for update but it doesn’t tackle major issues with new classroom. Sorry!

I am unimpressed by the new classroom. 2 of my students have called it a downgrade

The most important thing for me as a language teacher is that the new classroom does not upload audio, which it appears is not a high priority to you and is not being worked on ! This problem existed in the - trial system, but I had assumed that before going live this would have been resolved. Obviously not ! {Assume = ass out of you and me}

I do not like to use a forum like this only to complain, however today I feel I have to. I spoke to 2 customer service people over last 48 hours who said they would send me an email to help resolve the audio situation, and neither has done so! That suggests there is no solution, at this time.

One other issue is that this switch could have been put back to after May, by which time most schools would have finished assessment for this year’s shameful testing system. Consequently the lack of audio would not have been so serious.

As far as I can see you are resolving minor issues like screen share not major teaching impact like audio.

Please answer these questions:-
Why would you transfer language teachers over to a system without audio? It is baffling, at the best and plain stupid to anyone with a modicum of common sense!

How soon will this be resolved?

When will we be able to upload audio files?

How can the text size be reduced? I am not a great IT person so maybe missing something but it is currently too large and overwhelming.

Why when you erase something does that area not allow you to write something afterwards, and why does it erase the existing document not just the thing that was written over it, that you want to erase?

Can we choose to revert to the old teaching platform? I would in an instant.

I am sorry this is so negative but I actually have nothing positive to say about the new teaching platform. I have always had a good relationship with Tutorful and before always felt you cared a lot about supporting tutors holistically, going beyond the minimum, and have personal experience of that care. I am not feeling that at the moment, although individual people I speak to on the phone are wonderful, the system is not!

Feedback would be very welcome.


Hi @Manda, just to answer one of your questions, you can change the text size in the same way you would an image. Dragging the corner of the text box will make it (and the text inside, proportionally) smaller or larger. You may also need to check how zoomed in you are relative to the student (their view of the whiteboard is shown by the blue box) using the magnifying buttons as it may be different for them.


Thanks Dylan that is really helpful


I couldn’t agree more with this!!!

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thanks I appreciate that. - nice to know I am not alone in my thinking.


Hi @Manda. Thanks for your feedback. Firstly I just wanted to say that we really do take all feedback seriously, all requests are logged and we’re working through requests on a priority basis. Although stability is our number one priority we also have a prioritised list of features that we are working through. I will be keeping you updated on both going forward, as requested by @Lewis :slightly_smiling_face:

Below I’ve tried to answer your questions as best as I can:

  • In terms of sharing audio if you’re using google chrome you are able to share another chrome tab, including the audio. This may help you until this feature has been added.
  • @Dylan has already kindly explained text resizing (thanks Dylan!)
  • In terms of the eraser, I thought it might help to explain how it works. At the moment it works as a mask; so sits on top of anything drawn or added to the whiteboard (including a document). You should be able to draw on top of it and you can delete objects or anything added by selecting the object and pressing the delete or backspace button on your keyboard (this includes when you use the eraser to ‘rub’ something out).
  • Unfortunately you can’t revert back to the old classroom; apologies about this. Please do continue to make suggestions on how to improve the classroom as this will help us to make it the best it can be. This is the main reason we decided to develop it ourselves.