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Classroom Update 28/5 🖥

Hi Everyone! :wave: This week we’ve added a large number of additional people to the new classroom. Thank you again to everyone who has submitted feedback; please continue to do so via the leave lesson button or by speaking to us directly.

Feature update:

  • We’ve now changed the lock functionality in the classroom so that when you lock the whiteboard both yours and your students views ‘sync’ together, so as you move around the classroom, they’ll see exactly what you see! It’s important to note that when you apply the lock as a tutor, the student will have limited functionality in the classroom, so they won’t be able to draw on the whiteboard. However, all you’d need to do to allow them to have full access is to click on the lock once more, at which point the student will be able to draw or annotate the whiteboard.

Other things in progress :

  • We’ve had a large number of tutors ask for different thicknesses for the pen tool. We’ve started developing this in the classroom; so watch this space as it should be available soon.
  • We are continuing to monitor classroom performance and the audio/video experience, and investigate feedback to ensure we are doing everything we can to deliver high-quality lessons or provide better feedback where there is a problem that occurs outside of our control.

I’ve been on the new classroom for some time so it’s great to see the fixes and updates coming and seeing it improve!

I would really like to see some improvement on the eraser tool, at the moment all it does is scribble over the text and not actually remove anything. A lot of my students use it to correct mistakes and then we can’t move the text around without ending up with a huge mess in the board.

I would also really like the lag issues in the uploaded documents to be fixed


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