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Classroom Update 25/6 🖥

Hi Everyone! :wave:

We just wanted to give you a bit of an update about the additional features we’ve recently added to the classroom :slightly_smiling_face:

New features:

  • Highlighter: there is now a highlighter within the classroom. You can select any of the existing colours and highlight text, images or anything else you may want to.
  • Additional pen thicknesses: You can now select from three different pen thicknesses.
  • Other tool thicknesses: As well as the pen you can also change the thickness of a shape, highlighter and the eraser.
  • Connectivity gauge information: We’ve added further detail and support to explain how the connectivity gauges work and a link to some tips about what to do if yours goes into red.
  • Document navigation: We’ve added the ability for you to quickly and easily navigate between one page and another in a document by adding a next and previous arrow.

Dear @katie_tutorful, I was wondering if there’s a way that we’re able to write text using the super and under script options, like in Microsoft Word, as I feel that for the Sciences this would be really useful for tutors to be able to demonstrate certain Biology and Chemical formulae.

Please add audio as an easy upload - language tutors really need this feature!

Hi Gregory,

Unfortunately, this isn’t something you can do currently (other than by using the pen tool) but it is something we do have on our list. We are constantly prioritising requests and will keep you updated when new features are added. :blush:

This is something else that we currently have down to add as soon as we can.

Out of interest, would your expectation be that when the student plays uploaded audio they would no longer be able to hear you talking or would you want them to be able to hear you speak as well as hear the audio?

I don’t use videos but it would be useful to be able to talk to students while they were running.

Also can we have the pointer dot back !:blush:


Yes I miss the pointer. I would like if it could be made clearer when the student side can see the pointer and not, so you could control when it appears



The previous system worked quite well - not particularly bothered if they can’t hear me at the same time as the audio, but PLEASE add audio ASAP.

please add audio - you are making language teachers lives so difficult they may go elsewhere.