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Children returning to school - tips for parents 🦉

With the recent announcement that children will return to school from next week, I thought it would be nice to share ideas and tips on how parents can make that transition as smooth as possible for their child and ideas of how they can support them. This could be tutors sharing tips with parents or parents sharing tips with each other. :sparkles:

Some children may be really excited to walk through those school gates again whereas others may not be feeling great about it. :school:

My tip: Encourage your child to share their thoughts and feelings. This could be done in a fun way (e.g. a feelings chart showing various feelings and emotions, with a peg they can place on the chart and move each morning/evening). Children may feel a whole variety of emotions throughout the first few weeks back and this could help to initiate conversation.

What would your top tip be?


Stage how they are going back as something visible so you can sort out each thing and talk about it as they get to it. I have been doing this with my form group. It’s the details they worry about so giving them a way to break things down into smaller groups of worries and questions helps. A calendar is a good way to do it. Mark on the day they go for testing, getting new uniform, first day back. Make sure you give them time afterwards to say how they felt about each event and encourage saying positive things about it.
e.g. Ok you didn’t like the testing but why is it a good thing?


Don’t keep asking them , are you ok? It will drive them mad!

Let them vent if they need to.

Schools are ready with timeout rooms.

One day at a time !


Avoid using negative connotations, e.g. what did you do in. your ‘recovery’ curriculum? Have you caught up yet?. You have so much to catch up on!

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I definitely think this could be an issue. There will likely be some disparity in how much material each student covers. Some people learn better on their own, while others find it really hard to do that.