Checking out the Competition!?

I know we’re all tutors on here, but I wanted to know if you guys check out your competitors from a price point of view, as I always do it to see how high up I’m on the list.

Now I know there’s going to be loads of you saying it’s all about the content, and I agree with you, but I feel that depending on where you’re on the list, this means more people who are looking for the same roles as you, which will have a longer-lasting effect on you and how many pupils you will be able to help.

I would love your thoughts on this particular topic. Thanks guys, Greg.

I check occasionally to see where I am in the rankings if I’m thinking about putting the profile online again, and to make sure I’m charging a reasonable price. Also helps to see what other people are putting in their bios and making sure to keep mine up to date and interesting for new students

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I have never checked myself before, just did a check for psychology tutors and I am third, but seems I am one of the cheapest lol I have no idea how the algorithm knows where to put us and having looked at all our scores, I cannot work out what sets us apart when we are all 5 star for example? Anyway, it is good to check I suppose and keep an eye on it :woman_shrugging:

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@KayleighD I believe the search rankings are based only on your response time, booking score and repeat client score. I don’t know for sure but I think the client feedback doesn’t affect it.

I check the rankings, to see what kind of price people charge and what their experience level and qualifications are, so that I can price myself effectively.

Rarely, but I do. I think sometimes you need to to see how you compare.

Yes - I check my rankings on Tutorful and the other platform I work with but not that often. While this is now my full time job it is very important to me to offer lessons at a price that families can afford. Like quite a few others here I am sure I could raise my rate based on my ranking and reviews , do fewer lessons and probably keep the same level of income or even greater, but I will not do that - that’s a personal decision, my choice - I am not suggesting that all tutors should do this.
Paul (History)

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I used to when it was mostly in-person tutoring because it was competition against other people in my area.

Now I think it barely matters. My prices are pretty mid-range so there will be some tutors that have cheaper prices and others that are more expensive. I’m just reliant on reviews and high repeat client score to keep the requests filtering through