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Check your payments!

I have just been through all my recent payments and it looks like all my students are paying the new platform fee. I was under the impression that only new students would be paying this.

I have emailed Mark Hughes (founder) about this. I suggest that everyone checks that the same is not happening for them…

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there is a new platform fee? I thought it was 25% until a certain set of hours then its 20%

It used to drop to 15% -they stopped the 15% rate at the end of last year. Existing students were meant to stay on the 15% rate, but some of mine seem to have moved back to the 20% rate - it’s not consistent, so I am having difficulty working out what’s going on!

ahhhh okay, I hadn’t hit that threshold at that point so I am used to the 20% for all

my memory matches yours. Looking into timings is problematic but hey I like maths puzzles. I don’t have a spreadsheet collating 1000 plus lesson payments and I don’t intend to create one. However, For all my students bar one payments before and after the change from 15% to 20% are a multiple of 25 pence. For that special case payment to me is either £18.70 (15%) or £17.60 (20%). Rolled up payments are all either 25n +20 pence or 25n + 10 pence

Tutorful took a 15 % cut up from start until her lesson of 21 Jan 2021 and then took 20% for her lesson on Feb 11th and all subsequent lessons.

Her first lesson was on 17 Sept 2020. The same increase seems to have been applied to my other long standing students at the same time ( I suspect but can’t prove Feb 1st 2021)

How strange… like @Philip I don’t have a spreadsheet for every single lesson but I do tend to so a ‘spot check’ on a few payments for different students regularly to check everything is going through as they should. Everything looks ok from my end but if anyone has any further details I’d be interested to know :+1:

As with others, I don’t keep a spreadsheet, but like Rosie I do a spot check on payments. Because of the way they are presented, it is odd to spot any anomalies. I don’t think there are any problems my end, but I shall be keeping a much closer eye on my earnings in future. Probably the best way to spot this would be to have a few days where you have only one or two students on that day so it’s easier to match the payments to the students and check that commission deduction is correct.

Perhaps it is time Tutorful introduced a much more in-depth breakdown of earnings for each student, as others have suggested.


Hi @Lewis, absolutely agree, a detailed breakdown would be so useful. Ideally, I’d like to be able to take a quick look (say at the end of every week) to check all payments have gone through as expected. At the moment, it takes a vat of coffee and a calculator to just check a few! :confounded: :laughing:


Hi Henry, Mark here. This absolutely should not be happening, and we’ll get to the bottom of it ASAP. If you’re able to send any queries about specific students over to our support team (support@tutorful.co.uk), they’ll be able to check that payments are working correctly.


Thank you Henry, I just set up a new spreadsheet tab to reconcile lessons to earnings. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while.

I’ve just checked through the last couple of weeks and the commission rates look right. It’s so much more confusing now we have two levels of commission to deal with, old vs new students!

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Would it be possible to have the exact date the 20% commission changed? Thanks.

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Looks like my commission rates started to change on 24/08/2020. It might have been before that.

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Thanks, Toby. That’s a huge help. :slight_smile:

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The new platform fee came in on 3rd August 2020. It’s really hard to tell but the earnings don’t look quite right, but I have some students that I took on after this date and I completely accept that these are paying the 20%. The inability to link students to what they are actually paying is something of a pain and makes it virtually impossible to see what is happening. I may be completely wrong, and if so, sorry if I made anyone panic. However, I think it’s important to stay on top of this, especially in respect of my previous experience.


No you were absolutely right to raise this. Thank you for bringing it up! Of course - I remember the date - I really should remember that, it’s my wedding anniversary! I’ll remember it from now! Thanks, @HenryG!

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Can we have reassurance from @mark-tutorful that this is not a widespread issue? I’d rather not start diving into the back catalogue of payments unless it’s likely that this miscalculation has occurred across the board!


I would like a clearer view of my payments, espcially when I look at my bank statements. There’s just a long list of payments from Tutorful, but I couldn’t tell you what date they are from or who the student is. I am putting total trust in Tutorful paying me correctly, At least when parents pay me directly, I see their name and I know which week it is for. Being paid a week or so after the actual time that I taught makes keeping up with payments difficult.
I know I can look at the app, but how do I know the app and my actual payments match?
Is there a method people use to do this? Am I being daft?


Twiglet78, you are absolutely correct, this has been brought up before but the earnings tab does not indicate which lesson or student a payment received was for and if you have a lot of students like me it is quite difficult to tell whether all payments are accurate. So like you I’m just having to trust that it’s working out.


Agree with all of this. I hate chasing payments (I just want to got on and teach!). I love the fact that Tutorful sorts this all out but it would be great if we could have a more detailed breakdown for peace of mind :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Hi all. Just to add some clarity on this, we’ve not spotted any issues with payments being incorrect. The change went into effect on 3rd August (i.e. any students after that date will have been at the new rate).

It sounds like the current system for showing your payments is a bit confusing. Is it being able to link those payments to specific lesson that’s the issue?