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Celebration of achievements!

With A-Level results coming out today and GCSEs on the horizon, I thought I would drop a thread in the forum for people to share their students’ greatest successes. This isn’t intended to be a boastful thread, I was just wondering whether anyone wanted to share in their students’ achievements.

Has anybody been tutoring a student that received A’s when they’d been predicted C’s?
Has anybody been tutoring a student who is going to be the first from their family to attend uni?

Share below! :smiley:


I wanted to share this because I’m super happy with what one of my students achieved. They went from ungraded to a very good grade in their A level maths in a very short time.

Thanks for making the thread, would love to hear others success stories :blush:


Prior to starting tutoring, one of my A-Level students had lost interest in maths. He was a bright student, very polite and a pleasure to teach. He achieved three A grades and is going to his first choice university to study Physics. Really made my week :-))


I heard from an A Level Sociology student’s mum that she had achieved an A! I was so pleased for her as she was a very anxious student when I met her and was getting Cs and Ds, so to know that she has been accepted for her first choice Uni was amazing.
My English GCSE student got good passes in Language and Lit so is off to college in Sept. I have been working with him since Year 8, as he is dyslexic and his mum wanted the extra support for him. To say she is relieved that he will not have to ‘do English’ again is an understatement :joy:


GCSE results were a mixed bag for me honestly, but I got my first ever 9’s and I helped people pull up by four grades! Though I got shouted at by a parent whose student got a 9 in my subject for not caring about the results in her other subjects! She was the pushiest parent I’ve ever worked with and I will never do it again! On the other hand, I had a student do really badly (she is very dyslexic and struggles in exam settings) and her mother was full of praise for me! It’s strange how things work out!


Several successes mostly in Maths
plus I did have an A level geography student get an A, (though given the surge is A results this year - have to wonder how much devaluing has occurred?)


Wow, that’s really shocking. It’s so nice when the parents appreciate what you do! Well done on helping your student to get a grade 9. What a shame you didn’t get the praise you deserve for your role in that.


All of my gcse students got a 8/9 and my a level student got a b in Maths.


One of my A-level students got an A* in my subject.


What a lovely thread to read, thanks for starting this @Basmati64!
:mortar_board: Great job to everyone who has supported and tutored students through what’s been a very tough academic year - it’s so heartwarming to read of all of these achievements! :books::high_brightness:


Love this idea! One of my students, who is very bright, received an A for GCSE English, so that made me very happy.

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