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Cannot view tutors' profiles when searching via location

It may be because I’m using a ChromeBook and this isn’t an issue on other devices. But I just tried searching tutors by location on the new website and I can’t click on people’s profiles to view their profiles and message them.

You also can’t search for them by name in the search function so there’s no easy way around this for potential clients. I don’t need to state that this is a problem.

Images attached.

When you search by subject you can view the profile, but not when you search by location.

I noticed that too, I assumed maybe because I was a tutor not a parent or maybe because they are discouraging face-to-face learning…but if that’s the case, why are you allowed to search for locations at all? It is a bit bizarre. Thank you for raising it!

It’s definitely not because you’re a tutor.

I think it’s a coding error. I doubt it’s deliberate, that wouldn’t make any sense.

This is a major problem, and is obviously the reason that potential clients are contacting tutors who they believe live in their local area.

I googled “piano lessons in Bath,” which took me straight to the Tutorful Ad. When a potential client clicks on the ad and is greeted by “find your perfect online tutor in Bath” (or wherever they’re from), it’s no wonder people assume that all the tutors listed are from that area. This is extremely misleading, and has to be the reason that tutors are constantly being messaged to give face-to-face lessons from people in all parts of the country.

If Tutorful are offering online lessons exclusively, then there is absolutely no need for this type of confusion, as it simply doesn’t matter where the tutor lives.

Myself and others have argued that the tutor’s location should be included during any search. Firstly, this would make no difference to anybody searching for online tuition; and secondly, having the tutor’s location clearly stated gives tutors the chance to book face-to-face lessons - and going by the many enquiries I’ve had, and also keeping an eye on the jobs board, I would estimate that the majority of clients searching for lessons still assume that lessons are face-to-face rather than online.

Tutorful very obviously want to phase out all face-to-face teaching, but when clients are being led to believe that there’s a huge choice of tutors in their local area, it’s absolutely no surprise that tutors are constantly being inappropriately messaged for face-to-face lessons.

The outcome of all this is that tutors’ booking scores are being unfairly impacted because of Tutorful’s lack of clarity. This has been going on for too long, and I’m afraid it’s long overdue that Tutorful gives its tutors the support they deserve by getting rid of such confusion, and making it crystal clear exactly what they’re offering potential clients.


It goes without saying but of course this means that people aren’t receiving tutoring requests who otherwise would. Just speaking for myself, I have become familiar with the Welsh WJEC curriculum so it makes sense for people in South Wales to be able to find me and contact me because I have specialist knowledge which is relevant to this part of the UK. As it currently stands, people in South Wales cannot message me if they search for a tutor by geographic location.

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That page says “Find your perfect online piano tutor in Bath”

It should say “Find you perfect online piano tutor”

It’s the inclusion of the location that’s a large part of the problem. If someone searches for a tutor by location it should come up with a banner page that says, without any other text, “Tutorful is now online only, we regret that we do not supply tutor listings by location and the tutors you find may therefore be in other parts of the country.”

It took me two minutes to come up with that line, and I know enough about website design to make it work. How is it that after several months Tutorful are still having this problem?


Good afternoon everyone!

I have created a post in the Tutorful News area of the Community giving more context to this discussion, if you’d like to take a look! :slight_smile: Update to the Search Pages on Tutorful

Thanks so much!


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