Cancelled lesson

Hi everyone,

I logged in for my next lesson and within a few minutes of the lesson starting, the student cancelled that lesson and a few others with no explanation. Has anyone had this particular issue?



I’ve had that before, even Tutorful didn’t end up managing to get a reason from them in the end. I just shrugged and moved on, but not before asking Tutorful to remove their affect on my rebooking score (they do that btw when you have a good reason like that)

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Well I think a new student will not be coming back after 1 lesson as he had so many IT issues at his end and learnt probably 50% of what he would have otherwise

I did allow extra time but seems that was not enough to incentivise them to come for more lessons.

You win some and lose some!


I’ve lost quite a few this week for various reasons one said she was just looking to see how it all worked!

My repeat score is now down to 2!

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Just once it’s happened to me Sarah. Not pleasant - I felt used and insulted. Hence commiserations to you and thanks for sharing. Did the student actually show up for those few minutes? (though it sounds like they didn’t). But whatever the case, let the charge from Tutorful go through to the client so they pay it. Beyond that, there’s not much one can do, but my experience is that only few clients behave like this and most are good. As we run towards summer exams hopefully you’ll finding clients to replace this one. Good wishes, Mohan

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Make sure you still claim the money! Unacceptable to cacel so late!

Update - this student has booked a 2nd lesson much to my surprise.


Very confusing when students do things like that, isn’t it!