Can we use Tutorful Branding Assets, logo etc

I am currently planning out my marketing to get more students booked and using my social media platforms.
Are we allowed to use the Tutorful branding assets?

Also when sending a potential client the link does that go directly to our own page or do they have to search for you on the platform?

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Hi @sal21music,

This is a great question!

Social media is a fantastic way of promoting your tutor profile and something we would definitely recommend doing! If you copy and paste the URL from your tutor profile, this will redirect potential students to your profile, so they don’t have to spend time searching for it!

Did you know, you can also use our Refer a Student option too - you can find this at the bottom of your tutor dashboard. Every student you recommend will receive £25.00 Tutorful credit to use towards their first lesson :star_struck:

Any questions, please do let me know :slight_smile:

Abbie (Tutorful)


Thanks for your help,

I wasn’t sure if we were able to promote using the Tutorful logo and branding colours. I know branding is important to companies making sure it is used correctly.

I shared my profile with a Parent but if i share the referral link do they have to go and search for me again?

Is there an easier way around this?

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Hi @sal21music

You absolutely can use our branding, yes! If you need any help getting your hands on these, please send us an email to

To clarify, sharing the referral link will direct your student to our referral page and your student would need to search for your profile again.

Our fabulous product team have made it easier than ever to search for tutors with some new filtering features! I’d recommend advising your students in these cases to filter by the subject, level and your exact price per hour, and this will help narrow down the search results for them. :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope this answers all of your questions but do let me know if you have any more!

Thanks, Abbie (Tutorful)