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Can we Set Different Rates For Different Student Levels?


First, I just wanted to say you guys at Tutorful are doing an absolutely fantastic job at keeping this platform running smoothly. Whenever, I have queries about payment, administration, or technical issues, I have a response within 24 hours, and that issue is normally solved within 72. So thank you!

I understand how it would be easier to set one rate per tutor, but is there any possibility that in the future, tutors will be able to set different rates for students at different levels? My KS3 students are charged the same as my A-level students, which I find a little unfair. It also means I have to compromise my rate to ensure I get students from a range of grades. It would be great if you could set individual rates for KS3, GCSE, A level, and degree level in each subject!

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You can set different rates for different subjects/age ranges, but you can’t (as far as I’m aware) advertise those different rates on your main page. But I have different rates for different students, depending on longevity and financial issues etc. It differs wildly from student to student!

How about adding to your profile. “Discounts for KS3 and GCSE students”

Or you could have days when your profiles is tweaked to list only KS3 and GCSE levels with a different hourly rate.

I am in same position as Katy - much variation in prices from student to student. Partly because I have never imposed a price increase for an existing/ continuing student

Hi @AsiaErcan

Thanks for your post and I’m really pleased you feel that we’re doing a great job - we really appreciate this kind feedback and I will make sure to pass it along to the wider company!

This is something other tutors have requested previously and is something we have fed-back to our product team and hopefully something we can add to the platform in the future - watch this space :eyes: For now, you can advertise your different rates for different subjects and levels in your bio. We have several tutors on the platform who do this and have no problem with student enquiries.

Thanks to everyone else for their feedback too, it’s great to see how this would benefit you all and ways in which you feel it could work. As always, keep feeding back your concerns, wants and needs to us!

Abbie (Tutorful)