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Can we not revisit our classes anymore?

I haven’t posted on here for AGES, partly because I’ve not really had much to add (though I do miss my discussions with people) and partly because I’m so busy, but I’m a bit frustrated. I was hoping Tutorful would add a download button so we could keep a record of the students’ progress, but instead of that, we would have access to go back to our classes and revisit the work our students had done. And that worked very well, and I was happy to have that option. But now it’s gone! I can’t revisit the last few weeks of classes and I wonder why. It worked very well and I’m most unhappy when now it’s gone - especially when Tutorful allow the classes to be recorded (which I’m still not very happy about). So if it’s gone it is a glitch or a new thing that Tutorful have added and not told us? Because it is has gone for good, I will feel again that the concerns of the tutors is not being met, and we should be able to revisit our own lessons.

Can a member of staff kindly chase this up? Thanks.

My guess would be it’s gone because it now contains the recording of the lesson in addition to the whiteboard notes. Since we apparently are not trusted to view those recordings (of our own lessons), they’ve removed the option.

Edit: on second thoughts, it might be a glitch. I’ve just checked and I can access my past lessons. Although for me, that’s useless since all I do in the Tutorful classroom is just supply a link to the LearnCube classroom that I setup for each student.

When I do go back and look at lessons I find that some of the work on boards is incomplete.

I have queried this with Tutorful a few times and they say it just a glitch, and that I should take screen dumps, very frustrating, particularly when we are paying for a service I don’t think that’s really acceptable.

Tutoring GCSE Maths can get through loads of work with some students, and I don’t have time, to screen dump every screen.

I have asked for a download button, If each board could be down loaded as a pdf that would be great.

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Hi @katywilson6

My apologies, it seems I may have misunderstood your query at first. You should still have the option to go back and view the lesson content in a ‘read only’ view - we haven’t removed this feature and this is available for both tutors and students.

Unfortunately, lessons and lesson content can’t be downloaded. I believe this was an option before we switched to our new Online Classroom, however this is no longer available and hasn’t been since the switch.

If you’re experiencing any issues trying to go back and view a lesson, please drop us an email at support@tutorful.co.uk with lesson dates, times and the names of the students so we can look into that further for you!

Abbie :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: