Camera in the classroom

It’s a bit of a specific one, but would anybody else prefer if the camera in the classroom was at the top in the middle of the screen? I have quite a big computer screen, and when I am looking at the student, it looks like I’m staring out of the window :joy: . I’ve been teaching with the classroom on half of my screen so it looks like I’m actually talking to the student :laughing: .
Just a small thing!

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I absolutely agree with you! I don’t like looking at the camera only simply because I can’t then see my students expressions, which I find key to gauge whether they are understanding, as well as having fun.

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Completely agree! Or an option to move the webcam (e.g. left side, centre or right side) so it works for any set up.


Thank you for your feedback.

One of the reasons why we have the video in a dedicated space was because the video window was disturbing the lesson as it would be hovering over the whiteboard space and students would miss parts of the tutor’s content if the video was over the whiteboard space.

Of course, this would be avoided if the student were able to move their video around somewhere else but from watching user behavior, students can grow frustrated quite easily while they are trying to figure out how to use the software. They’d much prefer just sit and have their lessons without experiencing any complications so we are currently aiming for a simple view with minimal distractions so the student can concentrate on having a productive lesson then working from there.

This is speaking in a general view, and we will definitely document your feedback for any future considerations on improving the Classroom space however, for now, we will be keeping the video sidebar as it has fixed the user behaviour problems we were facing before.

If you haven’t seen already, I post in Tutorful News if there are any changes and explain reasons behind the change, here is the post about the video/chat format:

If you have any other questions or feedback, we are happy to hear from you!

Kind regards,

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That makes sense. Thank you!

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