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Calling all language and music tutors! 📣

:mega: Calling all language and music tutors! :musical_note: :speaking_head:

I’d love to talk to some of you about how we could make the online classroom better for you. We really want to know the things that are challenging and potential suggestions you may have so that we can look into ways we can help.

If you’d be willing to help by having a 30-minute chat with me please follow the link shown below to register your interest.

Register interest here

Not a language or music tutor? Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you. Watch this space, as very soon I’ll be asking for your help. We’ve constantly been logging and prioritising all the feedback that has been submitted about the classroom and want to make sure the features we may add next are the ones you really want and really need.


This is a great idea @katie_tutorful!


Thank you so much @Rosie_A :slight_smile:

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Thank you for asking.
What we need is a platform with a chat when you share your screen.
Also, students cannot currently hear if I play an audio file…

What Tutorful needs to urgently do is put an end to music teachers getting inconveniently messaged by clients who still assume that all lessons take place in-person. I get more requests for in-person lessons than I do online, and also the majority of jobs advertised on the jobs board are from people who assume that the tutors can visit them.

This is an issue that Tutorful seriously needs to address, because I have to constantly message Tutorful to have these in-person lessons wiped from my booking score, and I have to say it’s very inconvenient and infuriating to have to keep doing this.

In-person options have been taken away from music teachers without us having any say whatsoever in this huge change, so Tutorful needs to do its bit to stop this unnecessary inconvenience, because this is a hassle that I could well do without.