Bulk Messaging to Students

It would be really useful if there was a way to send a message to all of my students/parents/carers to let them know important information. Recently, I have had to email over 20 separately with the same message. I have had to:

  • Ask them all who is wanting lessons over holidays.
  • Inform them that I will not be available at certain times due to a change in my availability.
  • Request them to let me know if the are to continue after end of school year in September.
  • Let them know that, due to a serious accident at my home, I had lost the internet for the whole day. I also like to send various thank you messages and Christmas greetings etc.

It would be very useful.



Am I missing something or could you not have sent one email addressed to 20 different people?

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That’s what I did. What I’m asking is a quick message option, via a single click. Rather than cut and paste 20-30 email addresses into BCC. It’s not a show stopper, just makes it easier.



Thought I missed something there!

Not a good idea to take messaging off the website message system, as you have no comeback if things are said which you later have to prove to Tutorful.

Th in a would be really useful!

I don’t think it would be an issue. Any non-Tutorful messaging still has an audit trail. Parents regularly contact me directly to ask questions and request lessons, it’s never been an issue. The Tutorful messaging system does not always alert me either, and I have missed messages. A text comes straight to my phone and I can answer directly and instantly, as opposed to having to log on, follow the link and respond that way. I can also attach handouts and such as well - can’t do that via TF messaging.

Having worked with Tutorful the past 4 years I know from bitter experience that any messages sent to parents that are no on the message system will not be taken into account as evidence for anything.

That sounds pretty awful. Obviously I don’t know the facts behind your experience, but as someone who spent many years involved in criminal investigation I have no concerns on what Tutorful may or may not accept. I am more than happy to take on anyone maligning me and, in accordance with my experience, would seek to peruse any claim against me with evidence that would meet CPS and criminal standard - let alone a civil matter. I have no qualms in that respect.

Rest assured my emails and messages sent direct, would relate to administrative issues only, such as agreeing dates and times and alerting parents/students/carers in matters concerning holidays and confirmation of final lessons. If anything got ‘sticky’ I would revert to the official route in any case. Your warning has only served to confirm my suspicions. I am under no illusions as to the level of support I respect of tutors.

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