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Bring your dog to work day! 🐶

We heard that today is ‘National Bring Your Dog to Work Day’! At Tutorful, we have been lucky to have our dogs keeping us company over the past 12 months as we have worked remotely!

Here’s a few photos of some of our adorable dogs ‘helping’ us do our work :computer:

Do you have any pets? Share your pictures with us below! :sunny:


We do have a dog, but personally i don’t like the idea of dogs in work offices( not including at home) . Not everyone likes dogs, may have allergies.

I certainly would not want to work with other people’s pets around, it is very distracting. I tried to do a meeting in person recently where the new fur baby was present, the meeting took twice as long and the dog was so annoying.

No pets here unfortunately, but back when I was in an office it was undoubtedly the best day ever when someone brought their dog in.


I have a home office bearded dragon :lizard:

She’s more interested in sunbathing on the windowsill then joining me at work!


I love it when people bring their dogs to work (we’d love to have one, but we don’t really have the time to commit). I do have to ban my cat, Oscar, from the office when tutoring. He loves video calls and tends to completely hog the conversation, sitting on the keyboard and staring into the screen …! I’m not sure we’d get any science done! :laughing:

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