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Booking scores zero

So I’ve been part time with Tutorful for some 4 years now my first pupil has just decided that she no longer needs my support and I agree, most of my pupils started with me to see them through says and stayed through to GCSE foundation +
I had an average of 2 pupils a day weekdays only for all this time and very rarely lost a pupil. My references and reviews say it all with 9/9 5 star ratings and a 10/10 repeat client score
The thing is because I didn’t need to book new clients my client booking score is at zero
So I find that now I have availability no one knows because I’m at the bottom of the list
What with that and the online only thing I am seriously thinking of leaving Tutorful behind and going to pastures greener

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This sounds like a mistake. Booking score should only be affected by not booking sessions with people talking to you, instead of just not having them at all. Were you receiving enquiries during that time you didn’t need to book any?

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Yes I have had enquiries I had to turn away due to no available slots
And the odd one or two I couldn’t accommodate due the educational level. I have never had a client not book when those criteria were met.

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I don’t book in regular repeat clients the app does it automatically

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Hi Karry, Kerrie here from Tutorful!

I’ve just been reading your post - booking score if only affected when a student contacts you and you aren’t able to book in with them. For instance - if you set yourself online and visible within the search results, but then mismatch the relationship as you have no availability, this will negatively impact your score, so it’s super important top keep you calendar up to date.
If we can see that the student hasn’t checked your availability, we can help you out with that if you get in touch!

Just a quick section from one of our FAQ’s:

Your booking score is a measure of how many of the students who get in touch with you end up booking a lesson with you! If your score has dropped, this means that it’s likely that you’ve had a few students in touch recently that you haven’t gone on to book with.

We actively try to reduce the number of enquiries that aren’t quite right for you by allowing students to filter by price and availability within the search results, as well as letting them request a time that you are available from your availability calendar. We also display which subjects and levels you are available to teach on your profile!

We know that not every tutor and student will be the right fit for each other, but we do our best to combat these enquiries coming through to you, so the majority of your enquiries will be those that you are able to book in with.

You can find the full article here, Booking Score Tips

Please give us a tinkle or drop us an email if you want to take a look into your scores further! We’d be happy to help! :slight_smile:

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Most times when I have turned down bookings it was because they were looking for tutoring for years below year 5 or they wanted 1-1 but lived very far away
I have had people in London, and Birmingham wanting face to face and several asking for subjects or levels I don’t teach ie. French,Spanish and maths year 2-4 admittedly these were quite a long time ago - pre-Covid - but I have had no enquiries for months now, so couldn’t have turned anyone away
Please feel free to look through the conversations I have had with prospectives to see

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Sometimes, you don’t get booked through no fault of your own. People ask for a lesson, a day and a time. You sort it out for them and for some unknow reason they don’t get back to you. It can be a bit irritating as it affects a booking score event though the tutor has done everything possible to satisfy the customer.


Your lucky to have so many clients.
I had a few clients for about a couple of years then once the pandemic hit absolutely nothing for over a year now.
I hear its all online now so that gives local students a much bigger choice of tutors.