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Booking Scores being impacted when Tutorful arranges lessons after matching a pupil with a tutor

I have now experienced two occasions where somebody from Tutorful has matched a pupil with me, and on each occasion the lesson didn’t go ahead. (First occasion I heard absolutely nothing from the pupil, and the free video chat was a no-show; and second time, the pupil messaged me after the lesson was arranged on my behalf to say they have found another tutor.

My Booking Score has now dropped again (the day after cancellation from pupil), and this is blatantly unfair. The booking score is supposedly calculated by how successful a tutor is in booking lessons after being MESSAGED by a CLIENT. If I HAVEN’T been messaged by a potential client, then how is it fair for the tutor to be penalised when the client decides not to proceed?

My message to Tutorful is to STOP penalising tutors when lessons don’t go ahead after Tutorful arrange them for individual tutors, and with NO correspondence between a tutor and a potential client.

If this continues to happen, then Tutorful should stop matching tutors with clients they think would be a good fit - because I’ve had two experiences when it wasn’t.


Hi @7267,

I’m really sorry to hear this and can appreciate how this is frustrating for you. Please can you drop us a quick email to support@tutorful.co.uk so we can look into this for you?

Thanks, Abbie :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the response, Abbie, and I’ve just sent the email.