Best internet provider for teaching from home?

Hello, I am just looking for some advice really. I am looking to change provider because of Sky’s price increases and wondered what everyone else uses for their broadband. Obviously, I want a stable and consistent connection as I am on it all day tutoring. The only options with a TV package seem to be Sky, Virgin and BT. We have had Virgin and the internet was slow and dropped out all the time, Sky is great for Broadband but the prices have almost doubled. I have no idea about BT.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: :grinning:

I use BT, around here there aren’t many offering fibre or if they do then they still have relatively low speed. BT has a high enough speed so I can video call without having to worry about anyone else streaming and slowing it down. I don’t get TV or anything else with it though (besides the landline).

We have Virgin. It’s very fast (220 down, 20 up) and usually* stable. We’re in the Midlands. *We go through phases every couple of years where the internet gets shaky, for a few weeks at a time. This hasn’t happened for a while.

Our internet connection is so important that we’re seriously considering getting something like BT as a backup, just in case. At the moment, the only backup is to use Zoom on my phone. It’s something I’m ready to do, but I haven’t had to resort to that yet!

I use Plusnet Fibre Plus and that is generally reliable. 60 down and 14 up is a perfect speed for online tutoring.

Would always have a mobile tethering backup as the internet can drop at times with even the best providers out there.

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I am nr Swadlincote, Derbyshire and the last time I was with Virgin it did drop out and I wanted to avoid that but that was a year ago. I just wanted to know whether it had improved before I go back to them :slight_smile:

We’re in Birmingham. Haven’t had major problems for a couple of years. I really think it depends where you are. If there were big problems in your area, there’s a good chance they still haven’t fixed them.

The price has gone up a lot over the last few years. I’ve stuck with them because I love the high speed internet, when it’s working. We don’t have TV or phone, just internet (YouTube, Netflix etc.)

Hi Kayleigh, have you tried phoning Sky and asking “am I on the best deal because I’m looking around?”. We just did this with our Sky tv/BB and on the spot they nearly halved our tariff. Not being smug - I’m feeling ashamed how long we paid the higher rate. This could be best result for you - avoids transition etc. Good luck!