'Being contacted directly' issues


Is anyone else getting messages from students/parents that never follow through? I’ve had someone contact me today who I think wants face-to-face tutoring but lives in London! I’m in Northumberland! Also, many contact me for Maths (I don’t tutor Maths but I do think that’s partly my own fault as I have just realised I have put I teach Primary instead of just English Primary) but still…it does not say Maths anywhere on my profile. I’m getting very fed up with enquiries never leading anywhere. I think I’ve never felt this deflated as a tutor. It’s a lot of pressure trying to sell yourself sometimes.

Anyone else feel the same?


Hi Katy,

I’m sorry you’ve had this issue with students contacting you with incorrect enquiries. Although we can’t stop students from sending incorrect enquiries, you can always contact our support team via support@tutorful.co.uk or 0114 383 0989, who will be happy to remove students from your scores in situations like this.

Thank you Juliet, I really appreciate your message. It hasn’t affected my scores (yet) thank goodness, but it might if I get many more that don’t confirm a booking. I’m very lucky, I get a lot of enquiries, just wish more would confirm! I think I’m just frustrated at the end of a long term and feeling the pressure to get new students in a climate when money is tight for everyone.

True. Never worried too much about scores as long as I get enquiries, but useless unless they actually want to book in!

Pfft call yourself dedicated and you refuse to make the short 5 hour trip to London for an hour’s tutoring?! Outrageous :wink:


:joy: :joy: :joy: clearly I need to be better!

I once had someone ask me to come to London to tutor their child. I told her I lived in North Wales and that tutorful was online only (at that time). Then the same person contacted me 2 weeks later to ask the same thing!

Hi Katy, at the risk I’ve not understood the thread (at this hour :wink:), why not go back to Northumberland and chat more. Their need is NOT to have face to face lessons, despite what they say. Rather it’s to get their son/daughter thru exams next summer (etc) with the grade they want. You’re a great tutor and you can put it across using the online medium. Go for it.

I’m sorry Mohan, I don’t understand. Some parents ONLY want face-to-face lessons. That is their choice, of course, but I cannot help someone who contacts me from London. That’s all I’m saying.

I know I’m a great tutor, but thank you for your opinion :stuck_out_tongue:

The algorithm is flawed when people contact you wanting face-to-face lessons so far away.

Online tutoring doesn’t work for everyone.