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BBC Bitesize is your friend

BBC Bitesize is a really great resource for teaching GCSE topics as there are different pages for the different exam boards (such as AQA, Edexcel and WJEC) and there are questions throughout the pages and a test at the end.

It’s a great resource because it saves a huge amount of time preparing lessons and the test questions can give you a relatively accurate gauge of how well the student understands the topic and is prepared to answer GCSE-level exam questions on the subject.


I agree, I’ve used this a lot for my GCSE German students. The topics are usually presented in a fun way, with tidbits about the culture thrown in for interest, and there are reading, listening, writing and speaking tasks.


@Dr_Edward_James Definitely a fantastic resource site, which caters to many levels and topic areas. Thanks for sharing! :books:

I used to use Bitesize a lot myself when teaching & used it a fair bit when tutoring too! :owl:My teaching experience is with primary level children and I always found the videos on there super useful - I used them most often with KS1/lower KS2 children for English&Spelling. There’s a whole bunch of short clips, ideal for breaking up lessons or getting students engaged initially in the topic area!
Lots of great & interactive tasks too as you mentioned @KathrinS :apple: