Barely getting enquiries?

Hi guys!
For the past couple of months I’ve barely been getting any enquiries for new jobs and to be honest… this isn’t a problem I’m used to.
I’ve been a tutor for several years, I have great reviews, done 1000+ hours and have a bunch of regulars which is awesome. I went online hoping to fill a few gaps in my schedule but I’m not really getting any messages.
In the past I only needed to be online for a few days to find a new student but now I haven’t received one single message in a week.
Is anyone experiencing this?
I messaged Tutorful and they told me that it’s due to there being more competition now that the platform has moved online. Which makes sense but it doesn’t really help me.
Would you guys recommend expanding to different platforms? If so, are there any you recommend?
Thank you :slight_smile:


I feel the same way. I have almost have 1000 hours logged in. My repeat Client scores have dropped because I had taken some students who realised that online tutoring isn’t the best option for them and have found a more local teacher or have left due GCSE’s ending.

I learnt that you have to a look out on the jobs board and try and apply to several other tutoring platforms. You could also try advertising locally. I feel like finding new clients find time but you just have to keep putting yourself out there.


This is definitely something that Tutorful need to address. I am quite lucky because I’m not taking on new clients and have been closed for a while, but I am a little concerned about getting clients for next year when there’s so much competition around. How can they guarantee there’s enough hours for everyone? I think they definitely need to push advertising to encourage more students to join.

Wishing you the best of luck. :slight_smile:


Me too! Barely any enquiries. I thought Tutorful would be an exceptional platform but it looks like I’m going to have to put myself on several others too. Any recommendations?


This is all down to increased competition caused by the move to solely online tutoring. Prior to that, we were only competing with tutors local to our area for new students. Now we are competing against every other tutor in our subjects who is registered with Tutorful!


I understand but knowing that doesn’t change the fact that at the end of the day I haven’t gotten any new students — or even messages.

Right now I can afford to sit around and be patient because I have a nice amount of regulars but like @katywilson6 I’m growing increasingly concerned about what I’m going to do when that isn’t the case.

And it’s a shame because Tutorful has been working great for me but if they aren’t helping me get new jobs, why would I want to stick around?

@priya would you mind telling me what other platforms are you using or which ones you recommend ? Thank you!


Roughly 90% of my new clients are from tutorful but I have gained one or two from First tutors as well. I guess that the best thing you could do is try different sites and start to build your reputation. Slowly, people will start recommending you to their family and peers. It takes a bit of time but be patient.

I wish you the best of luck.


Same here! I’m not sure if the move to online has made it more competitive to find new students because there’s now no option for those who wanted in-person? That was my thinking on it, as I too have several enquiries a week, it’s becoming so hard to find more students :confused:

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I’ve been on here for three years now and I feel the same. I’ve had 2 in the last month for online only which is not my preferred method but needs must.

I have looked at other platforms but reluctant to start again.

I am looking at my own website being my route to market and building up a local reputation alongside Tutorful.

It is very worrying for next year though.


I am in exactly the same position and I am already trying alternatives. I sense that the move to exclusively online was a big tactical mistake. It has alienated long serving tutors like myself and I’m doubtful whether it will gain them new customers in the long term. Should things fail to improve by the autumn I will no longer make this agency a priority. They seem to have broken with a workable, if not winning formula. So far there is no evidence that our concerns are being listened to. I am glad I am approaching pensionable age. I know of one of my former customers who won’t be coming back.


Hi Paul the Tutorful History Ambassador here. Bookings have dropped right down, this is predictable as Y11 and Y13 have finished internal teacher marked assessments. Before Covid I used to go and work crowd management at events to get over the summer. As I said none of this is a great concern as I frankly could do with a bit of down time. What does concern me is that when I get bookings they are frequently very short term and for a specific agenda (Y12 exam). This means my repeat booking score is dropping very fast and Tutorful could do with recognizing that at this time of year, bookings will be transitory and often very short term. As I write this I am about to tutor a student who just wants one lesson this week - if it goes well then thee might be a second - so what will that do to my repeat booking score! Ironically when I was fully booked and closed to new students (for months) it was 10/10. I am a big supporter of Tutorful, been with them for years with hopefully years to come but lets see how long it is before this gets picked up

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Same here with degree students who are finishing up, they are transitory and once they are done, we do not see them again lol I isn’t it supposed to depend on the amount of lessons that they feel they will need ie of they say they need 3 and then only need 2, then this affects our scores, although it could be said that they might underestimate or overestimate. However, I have had students request a number of very quick lessons that I just cannot fit in, in the time frame, and so they have gone elsewhere, which also impacts on my score. I do say “I can’t help” as it is short-notice but I do not think that this is taken into consideration enough!

It’s better to just not accept clients who want potentially only one lesson in my view, to avoid that issue.

In my experience, the amount of enquiries you get is based on your position in the search rankings. You need really good if not perfect scores for that. Accepting a student who is likely to drop your score (for whatever reason) is therefore just not a good investment for the future.

My advice if you have low scores is to do what I did - lower your prices. You can always raise them again when the scores go up.

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I feel the same with some degree students, who only want one or two lessons, my booking score has dropped after taking some degree students coming up to their exams who only want one or two lessons, as well as longer-term a level and GCSE students finishing their exams at this time of year.

It would be great if the booking scores could be calculated based on the number of expected lessons, and compared with that, rather than just expecting all students to carry on indefinitely, which is quite unrealistic. I also suggested this in another thread (I think), but I’d like to be able to book lessons for a block of time (start and end date) rather than just the one-off, weekly and fortnightly options.

I’ve had a lot of A level students stop lessons this year because their exams/assessments were finished - but it didn’t drop my score. I don’t believe it impacts your score if you’ve had a lot of lessons with a student if you then cancel the booked lessons?

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I believe the repeat client score is currently meant to work that way but I don’t know if students always give the right number. The booking score should only drop if you don’t book a session with someone messaging you, so whether you only have one or many more shouldn’t affect it. If the booking score has gone down for you then something else is causing it. Either way, once they have been mid-long term there doesn’t seem to be any drop once they finish sessions.

I like the idea of booking a range of dates, currently it’s either one by one or by cancelling them (and having them show up in cancelled lessons) at the end.


I am so sorry about your situation, maybe it is subject thing not a tutorful problem. Like you I went back on line recently and within a week i was full again. I offer free video and trial lessons at £5. could that help you?


A lot of discussion above on how to change positions within the list of tutors. But when one person moves up several places several persons move down one place. Its a high tech equivalent of shuffling a pack of playing cards.

We can phone Tutorful and lobby for extra Brownie points. Overall time consuming for all concerned. Still just shuffling the deck

My personal experience of this site is that parents like to have their child taught Chemistry by a tutor with a PhD in the subject. So why oh why is the same algorithm used for my listing as an eleven plus tutor - my experience of which is largely limited to passing the exam once upon a time.

So here is my suggestion. Each tutor nominates a single specialist subject for which they get bonus points from the algorithm and concomitantly a higher place in the listings.

Parents get rewarded by seeing the specialists in that subject boosted towards the top of the ratings.
New tutors get rewarded by being more likely to get a first student and having that student tutored in their best subject.
Tutorful get rewarded - more lessons where they take a 25% cut and less at 20% cut.


That wouldn’t work for me, I cover several subjects and all ages!


Same here Kitty, I like teaching many subjects from primary up to degree :grinning:

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