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Availability calendar bugs

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if anyone else has noticed the bugs on the availability calendar. Mine is 1 hour off from the time I put on the availability calendar, for example if I put 9-10am, on my profile it shows 10-11am. The calendar also doesn’t show the current times I have students booked in either. I have had to take down my availability completely for 1 week now.


Mine too. My calnder is just not updating when I try to update it. Apparently, it’s a problem the website is facing.

I used to have this problem if I updated or set up something close to midnight - either before or after. If I did the same thing a few hours later there was no problem.

Will try to give this a go :slight_smile: . Did you try to update on the website or the app?

Mine is happening on both the app and website :confused:

I can’t remember – this was ages ago (last September-ish)

I have just had this happen to me too. It was super frustrating and I have just spent half and hour trying sort it. I am pleased it isn’t something I am doing wrong. They need to get it right though because our scores will be penalised if we have to turn people down.