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Auctioning Tutoring Services

I recently thought about listing my services on eBay and letting students bid for my time but it’s not the ideal place to advertise services. Who goes to eBay to search for a tutor…

Would anyone else be interested in auctioning their free slots?

I’m not aware of anything like this on the internet and it would be interesting to see if it worked.

I wouldn’t , somehow it doesn’t sound viable.

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Some people might be happy to do this. I wouldn’t do this, however.

Let’s say it worked and people did auction to have a lesson with me and it cost them £150 for one hour. What if the class wasn’t a particularly good class as sometimes can happen? They’d feel ripped off and I’d feel guilty. I’d want to give them a partial or full refund which invalidates the original auctioning.

Plus, I’d be surprised if many parents or students would be interested in auctioning for a tutor’s time. If I were in their position I’d feel like the tutor is a total mercenary and only cares about money.

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