Assorted Forum Bugs!


Just a couple of bugs I’m seeing while browsing the site in the latest version of Chrome with the default forum theme:


A bunch of stuff is white-on-white. For example:

Icons in the navbar:

image (Only visible because I’m hovering)

Topic names on the homepage: (I think this might be when you’re up-to-date with reading all posts in a topic)

image (Only visible because it’s selected)

Category names on the homepage (and the word “Category” from the top of the list!)

Everything in the footer



For privacy reasons, the information on this page is usually only visible to admins.


All of the pinned topics in each category (this one for example) have replies enabled which I would assume is not intentional.

Hope some of that is useful!

Hi @IBD, thank you for taking the time to share this feedback. This Community is very new for us so I really appreciate you taking the time to post about things you have spotted.

With your first point, I’m not sure why it is showing like that as there should be a navy blue text for the category titles and the footer should be navy text too. The search icon should be showing on a navy banner. I wonder if this is happening for other people too.
I will see what I can find out about this and get back to you as soon as possible. This is how it’s meant to look:

Topic names should show on the right-hand side of the homepage where a list of topics that have had recent activity are displayed. Some topics from a category will display on the left under the category name on a mobile device but they shouldn’t on a computer.

The member list is intentionally on display as it doesn’t disclose any personal details such as member email addresses etc. It is visible so that people can find other members and see who else is around in the Community. The only details shown are Community activity/engagement levels/badges and usernames (where people are welcome to use anonymous names). I think it’s an interesting point though - is there something shown that you feel is not appropriate or shouldn’t be visible?

Great spot with the pinned topics - I will disable replies on those. Thank you.

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No worries!

I fixed the white-on-white problem I was having by resetting theme prefs here! It was set to default, but changing it to something else then changing it back fixed the issue. Might be best to disable the additional themes though if others are having issues?

I suppose whether or not to display the Members list will depend on how many there are to some extent. Presumably past a certain number of people, it isn’t super useful information? Just a thought!

Thanks for listening to feedback! I think the forum is a great addition.

That’s good to hear! Thank you for getting back to me and explaining how you changed that. We are looking into the additional themes and we will change the styling for those so that they work in the same way. This has been really useful feedback so thanks again for sharing.

I appreciate your thoughts on the ‘members’ list and it’s definitely something I’ll keep in mind going forward :slight_smile:

I’m so pleased to hear you’re enjoying the forum. :tada: Do let me know if you spot anything else or have any further feedback and thanks again. :slight_smile: