Applying is a race

Every morning since Tutorful unlocked my dashboard I switch on my pc to read tutoring jobs. Every single time I do not have the time to finish writing a nice message that the job has been closed. I was wondering: or you are Speedy Gonzales or I am very slow in writing 3-4 sentences. What do you write in the messages? Do you have a standard reply to copy and paste?


I usually have a set template that I use and quickly modify it to fit the job spec. It’s not easy though; you have to be fast! I would advise writing a standard template letter. Best of luck!


Hi @Alys,

I hope you’re well. Sorry to hear you haven’t been able to respond to student adverts posted on the jobs board!

Tutors do tend to have a template they’re able to copy and paste in response to the student advert. We would also advise adding a bit more personalised information relevant to the post.

When you get the chance to respond to a student advert, from what I’ve seen, the best messages go something along the lines of:

  • a brief introduction of themselves
  • a comment about their experience teaching the subject
  • any specific knowledge of the curriculum
  • the days and times that they are available for lessons
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Andale Andale Arriba Arriba!

Personally I just whip out a very quickly typed message which ends with “if you are interested, please reply and I’d love to discuss this further”. Providing you’re quick enough to the mark, there’s generally a 20% chance that you’ll get a reply as I believe the advert disappears after 5 applications.


I just had the strangest reply yet, he said’ do I have to pay for lessons?’ I politely asked him if he knew how tutoring worked and that all tutors on here require a fee! Absolutely bizarre!

I have given my price and hey presto, no further response!

Rolls eyes.


There are some bizarre people on here! I’ve seen a few who want people to do it for free/very cheap!



I’m just jumping on here quickly!
Experienced this just this morning.

I received a lesson request two days ago, asked the parent their child’s age and if they would like me to proceed with the booking.
Their reply was ‘sorry I have found someone free’. My was reply, ‘sorry what do you mean by free?’

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Free as in monetary or time!

I don’t like this availability calendar it means you can’t lure them into an initial discussion!

I have no idea to be honest, haven’t heard from the parent.

My availability isn’t reflecting when I’m actually available.

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Have you checked your main website account ? Mine was knocked out of sinc when the clocks went forward!

Yes I agree I’m never on time for the job boards ones and even when I am I don’t get a reply. Mind you I’m quite expensive now so that maybe playing a part.